Review: Mac Miller's The Divine Feminine

By Cooper Short 

The Divine Feminine  by Mac Miller 

The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller 

Newly released album The Divine Feminine from Hip Hop artist, Mac Miller, is a breath of fresh air compared to the recent releases in the Hip Hop/Rap community. In the wake of the “under-water rap” wave that has been trending lately, Mac’s album still stands out in the pack. The album shows true talent, coming from an individual who has lived a bumpy life, comfortably since his career took flight.

The Divine Feminine gives fans a taste of the new clear-minded Mac. Mac Miller for years has struggled with substance abuse, much of which was open to the public, but most behind closed doors. His previous albums following Blue Slide Park reflect this, with his heavy references to drug use and states of mind that correspond with substance abuse. In recent interviews, Mac Miller has opened up about his past addictions and explains that he has come to grips with his demons and is facing them head on.

The new album features the same old raw and relatable lyrics that Mac is known for and what makes him one of the last remaining true Hip Hop artists out there. The album’s title defines the story of the album, including messages about women and his love life (probably hinting towards his newly announced relationship with pop icon, Ariana Grande). Mac shares his raw thoughts about love, beauty, and his desires through his lyrics without sounding harsh or demeaning, compared to other rappers that sexualize women in their music and rap in very misogynistic tones.

With a clear mind, Mac also shows off his pure musical talent. Beginning on his Macadelic Tour (which I had pleasure of catching one of the shows), Mac began to incorporate live music and instruments. He himself would play guitar, piano, and would occasionally sing. The album features musical icons like CeeLo Green, Bilal, Ariana Grande, and Kendrick Lamar, all of which add more to the value of this album. Mac, more and more, has been showing off his musical ability in his albums and in The Devine Feminine, his melodic genius has only been revealed to be stronger than ever.

Overall, the album should be a success, like all other albums Mac has put out. His following is still as strong as ever and his fans are passionate. You can bet this album will be loved by many and remembered as one of his best. I’ll for sure be listening to it non stop for the next month.