Olivia Management

Artist Management in Nashville, Tennessee

Olivia Management is an artist management and consulting company based in Nashville, TN.

Artist Management

Erin specializes in vision, strategy, PR, branding, growth, fan engagement, merch management, pricing strategy, digital sales and distribution, scheduling, business management, release strategy, tour support, and general support to grow artists. It is her true passion!


Are you an artist who just wants some help navigating the murky waters of this industry? Are you a music brand looking for insight into your business? Are you a start up with a digital product? With a data-driven mindset from her days at Amazon.com and an analytical tendency from her time at Vanderbilt, Erin can help you with a turnkey solution based on facts. 

Project Management

Are you looking for help releasing an album, launching a product, or managing a short-term project? Erin is available to help manage the process from soup to nuts. Ask about project management rates on a contract/monthly/hourly basis!