New Office, New Music!

By: Megan Jones

Since moving offices from the hustle and bustle of mid-Nashville to the vibey Eastside, we've been experiencing the music of our neighbors. From listening to mostly folk, americana, and singer/songwriter tunes in our cozy, little office, we're now hearing lots of alternative, indie, and rock in our new, spacious one!

Alternative is one of my favorite genres (along with OM's main genre—Folk) but I usually only listen to it on road trips when I take advantage of my XM radio. Instead of searching through every local radio station of every state I drive through to find something I like, I resort to Sirius XM’s "Coffee House" station, "The Verge," and of course "Alt Nation." Besides "Coffee House," it’s all alternative! Since Fall Break was just upon us, I was on my usual Alt-filled road trip. So much Alt this week and I love it!

It is so easy to get in the groove of a single genre when you love it dearly, but sometimes you lose sight of the many other genres our world has to offer—I sure do sometimes! I catch myself listening to the same artists weeks on end, which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with (I’ll never stop listening to my fav Parker Millsap), but it’s fun and refreshing to explore new artists and especially new genres. I've been able to explore Alternative so much more with the help of our neighbors (thanks neighbors!). Don’t be afraid to try something new or branch out from your regular musical routine, you might be surprised with what you find and even what you end up loving! 

Here's a playlist of some of the tunes we've been hearing around the office since the move and a few of my favorites from my road trip!