Meet the Team: Maggie Adams

We're so excited to welcome Maggie Adams to the Olivia Management team. With her passion, intelligence, and experience, we are glad to put her to work around here. Get to know her a little bit below.

Photo by Jessica Steddom

Photo by Jessica Steddom


1. How did you end up in Nashville? 

In 2012, I chose to come to Nashville to study music at Belmont University over going to a certain SEC school an hour outside of my hometown of ATL. It was a scary move, not knowing anyone in Nashville, but I'm glad I ended up here because otherwise I might be a completely different person than I am today! I graduated from Belmont in December of 2015, with a Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies and a minor in voice.

2. What has been your music industry experience so far? 

I'm grateful that I've gotten to learn from some pretty cool companies here in Nashville. My first music-related internship was with War Memorial Auditorium in their marketing department. I believe that the best part of working in this industry comes from the magic of live performances, so working at a venue that was able to give people those experiences shaped my direction. I went on to intern with Lightning 100 for six months, and did anything and everything they asked of me because I love their mission of promoting local music. Most recently, I worked at the Entrepreneur Center as a Team Lead for the Project Music accelerator, which provided me the opportunity to learn more about the essentials to building a sustainable business in the music industry.

3. Why do you want to work in music?

My strengths could allow me to take several directions other than music in my life (don't worry, none of them are super practical money-making directions!!!), and although the music industry is probably the most difficult and uncertain path, I don't think I would feel as fulfilled anywhere else. I love that no matter who you are or where you are, music can serve as a connection point. Being a part of an industry that gives people an outlet to express themselves is truly gratifying.

4. What are you most proud of that you've accomplished? 

Recently, I've been working on organizing a show benefitting the Alzheimer's Association. I got the opportunity to do this through my good friend Kate Kelly who works at a psychiatric hospital here in town, and although I'd never booked a show before, I jumped in full force...without knowing what I'd be getting myself into! I've learned a lot through this process, and have been able to collaborate with Mike Grimes on the lineup and theme of the night. If you have any interest in seeing the fruits of my labor and contributing to an important cause, come to the Basement East tomorrow night at 8pm for the Glen Campbell Tribute for the Alzheimer's Association!

5. What music are you into right now? Last 3 things you discovered that you like.

Robert Glasper Experiment - ("Calls" has been stuck in my head for 2 straight weeks)
Black Honey - (check out their most recent single "Hello Today")
Margaret Glaspy - discovered her a few months ago, but I've been listening to her non-stop lately

6. Why did you want to work at Olivia Management? 

So many reasons. 1) I'd heard that Erin and I would get along really well, and I was drawn to her reputation of being an amazing role model and general badass (RE: girl power). 2) If my soul could be categorized as a musical genre I think it'd be Americana, and Olivia Management has some of THE most incredible Americana/indie acts on our roster that I am lucky to assist Erin in managing. 3) I wanted to be part of a smaller sized company where I knew I could actually make a difference and help lighten someone's workload. 

7. What's your favorite place in Nashville? 

Wow, this is a tough one! My gut reaction is Greenhouse Bar because the whole green house aesthetic is very calming and creates the perfect atmosphere to have relaxed hangs with your nearest and dearest.