New Intern: Madeline Heiskell

At Olivia Management, we're very privileged to get such awesome applicants who strive for excellence in their daily lives. Madeline applied, and I instantly knew she was the type of person that could handle any task. She's already made our lives easier with her talent for organization and, trust me, that is a pretty invaluable strength to have in management. We're happy to introduce you to Madeline Heiskell! 


1.       What do you want to get out of this internship?

I've recently been re-watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. In reference to surgery, Dr. Bailey says to one of the interns, "See one, do one, teach one." This semester, I want to "Do one." At my last internship, I felt like I was able to see and watch how things are done. I was exposed to the world of artist management. Now, I want to do it. I want to be more confident in my ideas and figure out how I work best in this field so that in the future, I will be able to "Teach one." 

2.       What do you love to do? Hobbies? Activities?

Piano was my first passion. I don't play nearly as much as I would like, but it’s one of my goals to get back into it. I want to master Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven by the end of the year. I also love to thrift shop. I love finding knick-knacks and pictures for my apartment. I get a feeling of pride and accomplishment when I can decorate a room for only $20. 

3.       If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I wasn't Gluten Free (which is not by choice I might add because regular food tastes so good) then I would say pizza. But since I am gluten free, I would have to say a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle with pinto beans, pico, corn, sour cream, cheese, and guac. And yes, I know guac is extra, but sometimes, you gotta live a little. Oh, or In-N-Out. I couldn't survive without In-N-Out. I'm Changing my answer. In-N-Out. 

4.       Favorite musicians, artists, genres, equipment, shows you’ve been to...tell us anything you love about music.

Sara Bareilles is my all time favorite. I love her style and her honesty and playing her songs on piano is such a fun time. I also love Demi Lovato, Tyler Hilton, Ed Sheeran, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Thomas Rhett to name a few. However, I also love to just listen to random music on Spotify or Pandora. I can name plenty of times where I listened to a song once and fell in love with it, but never heard it again because I didn't know the name of the artist or the song. But it left an impression on me, which is what counts in my book as good music. The first concert I ever attended was "Hannah Montana: Meet Miley Cyrus Feat. the Jonas Brothers." As a sixth grader, that was all I wanted out of life. And it was awesome. Lastly, I have to mention Taylor Swift. Personally, I absolutely love her music, but, I am so much more fascinated with her marketing team. I could go on for pages about how talented and genius they are. And I probably will in a separate blog post one of these days. But wow. Can't wait to hear her new album and see how it all rolls out. 

5.       Why did you choose to intern here?

I chose to intern here because when I was first looking for an internship, this was one of the first places that popped up online when I typed in "Artist Management Companies in Nashville" on google. I looked into Olivia Management's story and learned Erin's story and that she was an adjunct professor at Belmont University where I go to school. I connected to Erin's story and immediately knew I wanted to work with her and her team at Olivia Management.  

6.       What is your favorite part about Nashville?

I love the opportunities in Nashville. I love that I have the opportunity to pursue a career in music. The opportunity to work as a waitress with some of the most amazing co-workers. The opportunity to eat amazing gluten free food that doesn't taste like chalk. And most importantly, the opportunity to grow as a person with all of the friends that have embraced me in this city.

7.       What do you want to be when you grow up?

First and foremost, I want to be a good person, and a good friend, no matter where life takes me. Having that said, I want to try my hand in artist management. It is something I have been working towards throughout college and it would be a dream come true if that is what I could do for the rest of my professional career.