New Intern: Hannah Brown

I feel like I was just writing about the most recent batch of new interns yesterday! Time flies when it's summer. But with fall comes lovely new interns. Hannah Brown is one such lovely intern, and she's already brightening the office with her sunny personality and comedic comments. Read more about her below!  


1. What do you want to get out of this internship?

Knowledge! I have learned so much over my past three years at Belmont, and I am more than ready for a hands on experience. I love the amount of responsibility I will hold at this internship, and really look forward to working with Maggie and Erin. 

2. What do you love to do? Hobbies? Activities?

On any given weekend you can find me bopping around East Nashville, spending all the money I do not have. Most of my time is spent listening to music, exploring new local spots, and watching way too much Netflix. If you can't find me in Nashville, check the beach. 

3. If you could eat one thing for the rest of you life what would it be?

At the risk of sounding very basic, Chipotle. 

4. Favorite musicians, artists, genres, equipment, shows you've been to... tell us anything you love about music.

Music is just so pure. It brings people together like nothing else. Music carries emotions and takes you to places old and new. One of my favorite lyrics is Eric Church's, " funny how a melody sounds like a memory". Every song I listen to takes me back to another part of my life, or creates a memory right then. I think that's really neat. 

My musical taste is all over the place. Anything from classical to rap, and everything in between. Some of my favorite artists include AlunaGeorge, Cage the Elephant, Frank Ocean, Khalid, and Kendrick Lamar. It is hard to pick a favorite show, but The 1975 and Eric Hutchinson definitely top the list. The visual effects and art of the 1975 are mesmerizing. While Eric's upbeat humorous personality makes it feel like, you're watching your high school best friend play guitar in your living room. 

5. Why did you choose to intern here?

There are so many reasons. The first being that I have looked up to Maggie since our days at Belmont. We were in a sorority together where she always managed to be perfectly herself. While also killing the internship game. When I heard she needed an intern here, I was quick to reach out. After speaking to her during my interview and sitting down with her and Erin. I could not be more thrilled with my decision. Olivia Management is serious about their work, and a product of two amazing hardworking woman. What else could you want?

6. What is your favorite part about Nashville?

The vibe. Nashville is unlike any other city I have been to. It has a big city feel with small town charm. Everyone you meet is so king and loving, and intentional. Everyone is here for a reason, and is passionate. Not to mention the amazing food, and atmosphere of everywhere you go. I'm so thankful to call this city home. 

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happy. Cheesy, I know. But I would like to know that when I grow up, I will be doing what I love. With like minded people beside me. I have so much passion for the music industry and I hope I find myself in it as a grown up.