Olivia Management Educate Series

I had the opportunity recently to speak at the CD Baby DIY Conference about Artist Management, and as a part-time adjunct professor, it felt logical to me to structure my talk like a lecture. After the talk, I had so many artists approach me and thank me for giving them actionable steps and actually TEACHING them about the music business.

It dawned on me that unless you are a music business college student, there really aren't many opportunities to LEARN about the music business. Some things are hard to pick up just reading a book, and some skills require experience and wisdom. 

So, here's my solution: I am excited to present the Educate! Series. 

If I'm really honest, the constant barrage of music industry networking events can sometimes exhaust me. But the thought of having 4 nights to break big music industry questions down into actionable steps and teach them to interested parties makes me REALLY excited. Hope to see you there! 

Tickets and more info HERE