National Boss Day

As you well know, we are quite fond of our boss Erin Anderson. I'm sure if you're reading this you can repeat the general reasons why she's a terrific human, but here's a few reasons why her employees love her that may be new, even alarming, to some. 

1. Employee development 

Erin knows that as a good boss, to keep your employees you must show them opportunities for growth in the company. She's taken time to answer many of my looming questions about the industry we work in, as well as gone so far as to set up development meetings for us at Marché on a regular basis (YUM). This month, she's even covering my ticket to CAA's Young Nashville party so that I can socialize with peers and friends in the biz. 

- Maggie Adams


2. She cares about the mental state of her employees

Just recently, on World Mental Health Day, she could tell my spirit was waning as I'd endured a red-eye flight the day before. Rather than pushing us both to get through what was quite a dreary day weather-wise, she acknowledged that we'd gotten everything urgent done that day, and that we should go home. On another occasion, she made a point for me to read an article about mental health in the music industry. You're probably thinking, "Yikes, maybe she's dropping a not-so-subtle hint...", but the truth is, she genuinely cares that her employees aren't working themselves into oblivion. That's super meaningful to me because in an industry where we're constantly going, it's reassuring to know that I have someone in my corner who views mental health as something we should be checking in on just as often as we're checking in on the wellness and success of the business itself. 

- Maggie Adams

3. She shares my strange love for fidget spinners

How great is it that we have four, FOUR fidget spinners in the office?! I'll tell you: really great. In this video, you don't see Erin fidging...she's in fact doing something constructive. But, I promise you she does fidge along with me. 

- Maggie Adams

4. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy

Hopefully that quote doesn't lead you to think Erin is a serial killer! But she is seriously good at recognizing that you can't work for 8 hours straight with no breaks! It's important to take a breather, laugh about silly Facebook videos, chat about life or enjoy a nice visit to Calypso Cafe. One day this year, Erin looked at me and said, "I don't feel like working," and my mind immediately went to snacks. "Let's go to Jeni's," I replied. And without hesitation, she agreed, fell for my dubious charm and we enjoyed a nice 4pm ice cream break.

  - Maggie Adams

5. She's an Instant Inspiration

Before I even began my internship, I was so impressed by Erin. I had watched interviews of her speaking about entrepreneurship and even written a report about Olivia Management for my Entrepreneurship class. Being able to work with Erin and watch her grow this amazing company is so inspiring for a Music Business major about to graduate. She has made me feel more comfortable and ready to take on the Artist Management life!

- Madeline Heiskell 

6. Her Generosity is UNPARALLELED

Whether its buying lunch for the office, donuts for meetings, or tickets to a show, Erin will always go out of her way to make sure her employees/interns are enjoying life to the fullest. She also shares her knowledge without holding back. She wants us to succeed and gives us every chance to do so! 

- Hannah Brown