Charlie Oxford

By: Intern Olivia Wathne

Charlie is one of Olivia Management's consulting clients and we're proud to say so. Our CEO Erin Anderson raves about him on a daily basis and we listen to him regularly in the office. 

He just recently came out with his EP titled Reflections that has elements of blues, soul and pop. All four songs are extremely catchy and I've had his song "Call Me" stuck in my head all week. I also got the chance to see him at Musician's Corner at Centennial Park the other week and he was phenomenal. 

The Huffington Post featured the song "Call Me" in an article where Charlie explains a little about this song...

 “It’s a song about support, and being there for a friend in a time of need. It came about because a really long time friend of mine from my childhood had been battling a lot of inner demons. It all started boiling up and myself along with a few other friends started noticing him lying about these massive personal accolades that were obviously not happening in his life. Needless to say he needed a friend to be there for him.”

Charlie writes or co-writes his songs as well as being an awesome, smooth guitarist. A lot of his music and lyrics come from personal experiences. He isn't doing any more shows this summer but his Reflections EP is something worth checking out, a fun pop blend perfect for the summertime!

Olivia Management is invested in its consulting clients and we strongly believe in Charlie Oxford's talent. Click here to listen to the Reflections EP!