Cale Tyson

By: Intern Olivia Wathne

Cale Tyson is an artist we love that plays regularly in Nashville, in fact he just had a show at American Legion Post 82 this past Tuesday. Cale is a must-see and is a throwback to the likes of Hank Williams. Hailing from Fort Worth, TX his sound is straight up soulful-outlaw country and you can't help but sway to every tune. 

A hard working musician, Cale sings straight from the heart and you can hear the emotion in each of his songs. My favorite is "Honky Tonk Moan" off his first EP High on Lonesome, but you can hear the heartache and soul in all of his songs. 

"His sweet, yet melancholy lyrics feel like they were probably written on a whiskey-stained bar napkin, just the way good country songs should be." - Wide Open Country

Cale is currently touring and will be in Nashville at The Station Inn on August 24th and at The Basement on August 26th. Make sure to listen to his latest EP Cheater's Wine and come to his shows in Nashville! We know you'll love him as much as we do.