What I've Learned as a Summer Intern

By: Intern Olivia 

I've been an intern at Olivia Management for about 2 months now and my time here is sadly coming to an end. I couldn't have asked for a more educational, enlightening and entertaining experience. Here are some of the top things I've learned:

How to be a Business Woman

Listening to our CEO Erin Anderson handle business phone calls and meetings has been immensely helpful to me. Just by observing her handle deals for Olivia Management's artists and smoothing over conflicts I now know what it takes to be a true professional. 

The Importance of a Hard Working Artist

Work ethic is important in any business, but it seems to me that it is especially important in the music industry. As a musician I was interested in seeing the management perspective on things. Erin does everything in her power to create opportunities and connections for our artists but that's not all it takes. Talent is of course a big factor, but without a solid work ethic and passion for a career in music you're not going anywhere. 

Connections Connections Connections

The biggest thing I've learned at Olivia Management is to treat everyone with respect no matter their status. You never know how they could potentially help you in the long run. This doesn't mean to use people, it just means that connections and strong relationships are important in the music business in order to further a career in the industry; both as a musician and a manager.

I am now dead set on working in the music business because I've had such a positive experience in Nashville and at Olivia Management. It's been a great summer with Erin and our assistant manager Meghan and I'm so happy that I chose this particular management company to intern because in my opinion they're the best of the best.