Meet The Team: 2016 Summer Intern

It's summertime in Nashville. School's out, CMAFest and Bonnaroo are over and Olivia Management has a new intern. Olivia hails from Idaho but goes to school in Colorado where she studies Communications and has a huge passion for music. We couldn't be more excited for her to join the team. Read our interview with her below: 

OM: Tell us a little bit about your favorite music, artists or genres.
Olivia: The Head and the Heart, but now I'm upset with them because they aren't coming out with their album till September even though they just came out with their single, which sounds way too electronic for their usual style. Love the Rolling Stones, they make me the happiest and they are my pump up music. Crosby, Stills and Nash are the bomb. Leon Bridges has the best feel good music.

OM: Why did you want to come to Nashville?
Olivia: I chose to come to Nashville because I'm from the middle of nowhere Idaho where there is no music community/industry. I'm a singer/songwriter and I wanted to come to Music City to learn from the experts. Also, I've always had a weird obsession with the South since I turned 13. It's really romantic down here. I'm looking forward to just being more knowledgeable about music industry lingo and also witnessing behind the scenes happenings in Nashville.

OM: Why Olivia Management?
Olivia: I decided to intern here because it is a small company and I knew I would get a lot of hands on work and have a ton of fun being involved with music and being behind the scenes. 

OM: What do I want to get out of this internship?
Olivia: I want to learn a lot about how things work behind the scenes and what goes into making an artist successful as well as an artist management company successful. Basically I want to know if I want to work in the music business. 

OM: What do you love to do?
Olivia: I love to write music and perform for people, that's where I feel most natural. I am obsessed with rock n roll memoirs, Life by Keith Richards literally made my life for like  a week and a half and I still talk about it. Love love love The Head and the Heart, they are the soundtrack to my life. Perfect day would be boating on a lake, eat really good smoked salmon and rhubarb pie and then go to a concert and get drunk my my parents. I also run a lot, but only for mind enlightenment. 

OM: What would I eat for the rest of my life?
Olivia: My mom's eggplant parm with red wine and any kind of cheesecake with a really thick crust.

OM: What's your favorite part about Nashville?
Olivia: Well I've only been here for a week but so far it is definitely the food.

OM: What do I want to be when I grow up?
Olivia: A happy person who listens to good music a lot and works with it somehow, someway. Also, I'm going to be my own boss.