Four Years

Today, Olivia Management has existed for four years. We started on a Monday with a laptop and a cup of coffee and we've grown to 5 artists, 10 consulting clients, 3 interns, one day to day manager, and one huge* office space. 

To celebrate, I'd like to share my four favorite moments from the first four years of Olivia Management (in no particular order, of course). 

1) Sitting in on The Secret Sisters' recording sessions at Bear Creek with Brandi Carlile and the Hanseroth Twins in the winter of 2016. It was a beautiful place, the music was heavenly, and it reminded me why I love what I do. I can't wait for the world to hear this record. 


2) Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes at Live on the Green 2014. One of the hardest working bands in Nashville, or the world for that matter, it was very fun to be working with the band, pushing their single to radio, seeing the reception they were getting, and then stand in the crowd during their hometown festival. 


3) Jill Andrews live at Paste Magazine during CMJ 2015.  CMJ was a few weeks after Jill's most recent record released, so I spent the week in New York City with her, running around to do press and play shows. In the middle of the chaos, she was invited in to the beautiful archives at Paste Magazine, we were given drinks and a calm place to hang, and what transpired next felt like magic. Watch the session by clicking on the photo below. 


4) The time that a couple got engaged at a Micah Dalton concert. It was springtime, Micah was playing smooth love songs outside, and a man approached me to ask if he could propose to his girlfriend during the set. They didn't have a photographer, I don't think it was planned. He was just moved by the music and felt like the moment was right. I think this picture I took on my phone is the only photo they have of the moment. Long live Micah Dalton love songs. 

Here's to many more years, many more memories, and more great music! Thank you! 

*when you've spent a lot of time renting a desk in the corner of other people's offices, a whole 200 square foot room feels really big.