Videos from Olivia Management You Might Have Missed!

by Kailey Prall

Need to catch up on your favorite Olivia Management artists? Don’t worry, we know they’re all your favorite ;). Here’s a list of videos that will bring you up to date! 

Grab a coffee, get cozy, and let the binging commence! 

  1. Matthew Mayfield’s “S.H.A.M.E” official music video is out now! Take a look at this powerful music video that has people buzzing! And as it just so happens, he’s on tour right now. Info and tix here!

2. Check out Smooth Hound Smith performing the title track to their latest album “Dog in a Manger” for OurVinyl Sessions. Americanafest took place in our very own vibrant Nashville last week and between the craziness and back to back shows, OurVinyl got a hold of SHS. They just so happen to be on tour as well… would ya look at that. Find a show near you! Tix all right here.

3. Ruthie Collins’ official “Dang Dallas” lyric video! The beautiful and breathtaking Ruthie made a song that was just that—take a listen! Be sure to remain on the lookout for some new music videos for other songs as well!