"The Waking Hours" is OUT!

By: Lilly Streeter


Matthew Perryman Jones’ fifth studio album was released on Friday, September 21st and lets just say, I haven’t really listened to anything else. As Annie from ‘Sounds like Nashville’ said, “Jones is well known for his heartfelt lyrics and vivid storylines, and The Waking Hours is no exception. He penned eight of the album’s nine tracks, all except a stirring cover of Tom Waits’ “Take It with Me” done in one take. Many of the songs on the project detail the ups and downs of love. One of the most vulnerable moments on the album is the poignant ballad ‘Half Hearted Love’ where he sings, ‘I’m afraid to love what I could lose.’”

What a perfect description and depiction of MPJ’s new album. I don’t know about you but, I’m ready to see him perform this album live. Get ready to have a good cry listening to Matthew’s voice sing these delicate tunes. Check this link https://www.mpjmusic.com/tour/ (or at the bottom) to get your tickets today!!!

It’s also available on all streaming platforms here if you aren’t a huge fan of crying in public. Hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!