Favorite Fan Covers

By Lea Walker

Whenever I get obsessed with a song, not only do I play it on repeat, but I usually check out covers of it on YouTube. I love discovering what musicians do to make a song unique or fit their style. So, I decided to see if we had any talented folks posting covers of The Secret Sisters' songs. I wasn't surprised to hear amazing harmonies from many talented fans, but here are my three favorite! I also included some of their social media/websites if you want to hear more!

This first cover is of "Tennessee River Runs Low" by three lovely ladies who not only sang in perfect harmony, but got creative by using some fun instruments like a melodica. Check it out! Instagram accounts: Sara Clefstad  Janna Banman and Krista Janzen

This next cover of "Tomorrow Will be Kinder" was great because not only did their voices mesh well together, but I love the fact that they each played guitar.  And can we talk about how they're just sitting on the stairs?! This cover is simple and pure, which is why it's great. http://danawilliamsofficial.com/ http://bentaylormusic.com/

Lastly, we have a cover of "River Jordan" and once again we're sticking with the theme of excellent harmony because that's the epitome of The Secret Sisters, is it not? I love that these three young ladies are outside playing unique instruments like a guitalele and what appears to be some sort of zither. So cool! www.facebook.com/thedearheartsmusic