Olivia Management + Second Harvest Food Bank

By Callie Paige

     On Monday, July 24, our team at Olivia Management stepped out of the office and into Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee with some of our awesome friends. Second Harvest Food Bank works to fight hunger in the community.  Below is a bit of info about how it works. 


1. "Everything starts with you." What this means is that Second Harvest really relies on people to provide food, time, and money. 

2. Then, resources are collected and transferred to Second Harvest's partner agencies, which exceeds 450!!!

3. Finally, the partner agencies deliver food DIRECTLY to those in need.


Our day at Second Harvest Food Bank consisted of two different tasks. Our first task was to sort through many boxes to find a certain brand of queso dip that had recently been recalled, so we could prevent someone from consuming this product and having an allergic reaction.

Our next task was to sort potatoes into 5 pound bags. Once we were finished, they told us that we had bagged more than 5,000 pounds of potatoes, which equals about 1,000 bags of potatoes. Therefore, we finished this service day knowing that we had fed 1,000 families across middle Tennessee.

It was a true joy to work alongside friends, colleagues, and artists knowing that we were feeding families and making a difference. If you live in the area and are looking for somewhere to volunteer, we couldn't recommend Second Harvest Food Bank enough. Since volunteers are a vital part of the success of Second Harvest, they are always needing help.

Thanks to our very own Maggie Adams for organizing this event with Second Harvest! If you want to volunteer with Second Harvest, it's super easy to do so! Visit their website here: http://secondharvestmidtn.org/act/volunteer/