10 Opry Fun Facts

By Ali Bartlett

In honor of The Secret Sisters playing The Grand Ole Opry this Friday, I thought it could be interesting to look up some fun facts about the legendary venue. Here's what I found!


1. Celebrities like richard nixon, jack black, kevin costner and kevin bacon have played the opry! 

2. Approximately 6,024 songs are performed during Opry shows each year! 

3. the legendary jimmy dickens was the longest running member.

4. It takes 15.8 million feet of audio, video, and lighting cable to broadcast this show.

5. the opry has run For 4,500+ saturday nights (and counting).

6. the opry has welcomed over 300 members.

7. five of those members have been honored with their own postage stamps!  

8. one fan attended the opry for 2,184 weeks in a row!(that's 42 years!)

9.opry legend loretta lynn celebrated 50 years as a member!

10. The Opry has had six homes throughout its history.