Album Review: Melodrama

By Ali Bartlett

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If you've turned on any pop or hits station within the last few days, you are probably aware that Lorde's latest album Melodrama dropped on June 16th. As we've come to expect from Lorde, this album is full of hauntingly truthful lyrics about growing up, coming into your own, and all of the mess along the way. Not to mention it is beautifully written and produced by some big names including Lorde herself as well as Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff (by the way Bleachers just released a new album that is also worth checking out). Here are some of my favorites off of Melodrama, but make sure you listen to this unique creation for yourself.


The louvre

To me, this song has a very dream-like quality. The sound is more airy and successfully captures the feeling of starting a new relationship with someone: The rush of excitement, becoming entranced with everything that they say and do, and even feeling like your love is so beautiful and special that it should hang in a museum. 



hard feelings

Hard Feelings encompasses the moment after the excitement wears off. Lorde depicts the emotional effects of struggling to hang on to something that is already broken. It's easy to relate to these experiences because we've all been there. We've all outgrown someone or knew it was time to end it. But it's easier said than done. 




Not to pick favorites, but this song is my favorite from Melodrama. With a driving piano riff and funky back beat, it has a playful sound. Yet the subject matter is more solemn. Lorde describes perceiving a relationship as perfect and lighthearted while that is really just an altered depiction (or supercut) of the relationship. You see what you want to see. 

liability (Reprise)

I'm obsessed with this song for many reasons. First, the melodies are insane. Lorde has figured out the exact algorithm of chords and notes to give me cold chills. Second, the twist. Her first rendition of Liability earlier in the album was about how she is an outcast and a liability to her friends. The reprise is turned around and told from her perspective to someone else who is the liability (in my opinion, a guy). This version is darker and more powerful.