My Last Few Weeks at Olivia Management

By: Megan Jones

As my time here at OM comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on everything that I’ve experienced, learned, and accomplished. Being involved in a smaller artist management firm, I’ve really been able to have my hands in everything (not just coffee runs—a common theme for interns). From press to merch, artist relations to the fans, our consulting clients to social media analytics, promotion to phone calls, and so much more... I have experienced more than I ever thought I would. With the constant inspiration from CEO Erin, the positive vibes radiating from assistant manager Maggie, and the humor and creativity flowing out of fellow intern Cooper, I’ve enjoyed this internship more than ever... Seriously. 

While I think about this past semester, I remember doing a lot of “firsts.” I visited Lightning 100 for the first time, I went to my first show at the Ryman, it was my first time hanging out with a hit producer (Dave Cobb!) at RCA Studios, and it was also the first time I actually got to meet the artists I've been supporting. On that note, I also experienced a lot of simpler Nashville things with OM, like driving through the cute downtown area of Franklin, grabbing a donut from the hipster Barista Parlor, eating tasty taco platters at Mas Tacos, stopping by the chill Grimey’s Record Store, visiting the rustic Marathon Village, and many more. 

As I look back, I can see that my work actually made a difference and directly impacted both OM and our artists—myself included. Being able to hang out with the crew and our artists was such a pleasure and I’m fortunate to have experienced everything that I did. From this point, I plan on taking all of this new knowledge that I've acquired over the past 4 months and applying it to future endeavors, whatever those may be and wherever it may take me. Much love for OM and a bittersweet farewell.