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Erin's Grammy Hopes

As Maggie stated, in the office we have a lot riding on the Grammy's this evening- the losers of our office pool are going to be cooking for the winner.  I'd like to think as a woman who's been in the industry for a while, I might have a leg up on predictions. However, I quickly realized as I perused the nominees that I am out of touch with the young people today. (Also- where's FRANK OCEAN.)

Photo: Wild Granny by Sean Wilkin

Photo: Wild Granny by Sean Wilkin

Here are my top HOPES for the Grammy's tonight:

  1. Marren Morris. She's got a great team of folks in Nashville and they all deserve a win. She's co-written with our Jill Andrews and she's worked really hard. 
  2. Cage the Elephant. Those dudes have beeen consistently releasing my favorite rock record and I hope they get the recongnition that's due tonight!
  3. Adele everything. 25 might be the last physical CD I purchased and it hasn't come out of my car CD player since last Thanksgiving. 
  4. Bon Iver- really just for the "Who is Bonnie Bear" memes that will hit the internet tomorrow.