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Cupid's Current Jam

By Mackenzie Fey

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Candy hearts and cupid’s wings are in full swing. One of my favorite parts of the pink festivities that the 14th has to offer is the abundance of love songs. But, if you’re like me and incredibly picky about the songs you choose to add to your playlists, this can be a more tricky time. Lucky for you (and me), our very own Hush Kids just came out with a new acoustic version of their already loved song, “Love Is a Made Up Word” just for this occasion! We already know their harmonic voices and warming lyrics are more than brilliant, but being gifted this version is better than any box of chocolates (although receiving both wouldn’t be the worst thing).

Take it from me and Cupid, and take a listen.

Photo by Fairlight

Photo by Fairlight

Smooth Hound Smith Live!

by Suzannah Peek

We announced our new artist Smooth Hound Smith a few weeks ago and the response has been incredible. We are so glad everyone is loving them as much as we are! They have two beautifully crafted albums out called Sweet Tennessee Honey and Smooth Hound Smith. Go and listen here if you haven’t already. We have them on repeat at the office! The duo is even more captivating live if that is possible. Check out a couple of live performances below!

If you enjoyed those performances then we would love to see you at any of the following dates:

04.10 - Allston, MA Get Tickets Here

04.12 Toronto, Canada Get Ticket Here

04.13 Pontiac, MI Get Tickets Here

04.14 Cleveland, OH Get Tickets Here

Female Representation at the Grammys

by Suzannah Peek

The Grammys are right around the corner on Sunday, February 10th! It is one of music’s biggest nights and we are pretty psyched to see the results, the fashion, and Alicia Keys of course. A couple of favorite albums that we have previously praised on the blog have been nominated for Album of the Year including: By The Way, I Forgive You - Brandi Carlile, Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves, and Dirty Computer - Janelle Monae. We are proud to have Nashville represented in the main category but more importantly, we are relieved the nominations are finally equal between male and female artists. Women have been historically snubbed at the Grammys since the first award was given out in 1959. This lovely image displaying the number of male vs. female nominees was taken from Glamour Magazine.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.26.12 AM.png

The numbers are astonishing and they look even more daunting with a visual representation. The picture shows that only 19.6% of all Album of the Year nominees have been women. There have been 457 male nominations and only 88 female nominations. To break things down even further, only three women of color have won Album of the Year in 61 years: Natalie Cole (1992), Whitney Houston (1994), and Lauryn Hill (1999). Diversity in the awards show seems to be moving in a positive direction but headlines like “Grammys Are More Diverse But Women of Color Can’t Win” and “Women Dominate 2019 Grammy Nominations - Is It Enough?” make us want to push the envelope even more to see all races, genders, sexual orientations, etc. on that stage. Click on the artist’s picture below to listen to and support your favorite female Album of the Year nominee!

Love Is In The Air at Olivia Management

By: Emily McCreight

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I felt like it was the perfect time to share my favorite love songs from our artists here at Olivia Management! ♥︎

Love Is A Made Up Word

“But you and I, we got it right

Love is a made up word”

- Hush Kids

Love You True

“I wanna keep you by my side forever.”

- Lydia Luce

Crazy Over You

“You know my heart's been runnin' around,
Never thought it would slow down,
And I didn't want it to…
‘Til I found you.
Now I do.”

- Smooth Hound Smith

Olivia Management: Episode II - Return of the Intern

By Mackenzie Fey

*** I feel it’s important to note that Erin does possess the strong leadership that Darth Vader had, yet none of the darkness. She is a true light in this life and it’s a privilege to learn from her and be her intern. The same goes for Maggie and Madeline, 110%.

*** I feel it’s important to note that Erin does possess the strong leadership that Darth Vader had, yet none of the darkness. She is a true light in this life and it’s a privilege to learn from her and be her intern. The same goes for Maggie and Madeline, 110%.

What do you want to get out of this internship for the second time around? 

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I received the email from Erin that asked me to return to Olivia Management (see selfie below for proof). All during last semester I spent my time trying to learn and do as much as I could. This semester, it’s my goal to do the same. The difference is, now I’m able to build off directly of what I learned last semester. I look forward to being involved with projects and tasks I haven’t been able to do yet

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? 

It’s funny, out of all the questions on this post, I find this one is the most difficult one to answer. If I have to pick one, it has to be “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” by John Mayer. The song has everything I believe a great song should have: a smooth tempo like a waltz with a noteworthy guitar melody, lyrics that seem to be written just for you, great production and mastering, and so much more. Go ahead and listen to it right now, and you’ll hear exactly what I mean.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?  

This summer, I am headed across the pond to London, England for the month of July! This trip is with my school, Belmont University. There I will be taking a few classes that have entirely to do with the British music industry. It’s been a dream of mine to move to London full-time and work for the industry there. Having this opportunity is a real first step to see if that’s realistically something I would do!

What is one thing you've learned since interning with us? 

I believe that would have to be the importance of listening. Listening can be so vital in more aspects than one. Listening is where you pick up on things and conversations that you may not understand, and that enables you to ask questions that you wouldn’t have thought to ask before. Listening is clear communication so you can be as efficient as possible in your strive for excellence.

What made you decide to intern with us again? 

Initially, it was not in my plan to intern anywhere again until my junior year at uni. I figured I’d go down the traditional Music Business Major path and intern just every so often to keep my resume updated. Being asked back wasn’t what I expected, but I’m so beyond glad it happened. I knew that I loved who I worked for and I knew it was somewhere I felt truly cared about my future in the music industry.

What's one thing you'd like to say to a future intern at Olivia Management? 

If you’ve been asked to intern at Olivia Management, all I have to say is “Congratulations”. I am not over exaggerating when I say that it is an absolute honor to work under such amazing and hardworking women. Don’t take it for granted! As I mentioned earlier in this post, listen and learn as much as you can, because they’re not afraid to answer any sort of questions that come to mind.


An in-time reaction:

I took this selfie to send to my mom 0.2 seconds after Erin asked me to return to Olivia Management the following semester.

Your Favorite TV Show May Contain Olivia Management Music

by Suzannah Peek

We love TV shows ALMOST as much as we love music over here at Olivia Management. It is so exciting whenever one of our artists lands a soundtrack spot on national television shows such as Private Practice, Bones, and The Vampire Diaries. The exposure the artist receives is always a bonus but it is really cool to see a song brought to life by a completely different story than the artist intended. Here are a couple of our favorites! (Click the picture to listen to the song).

Matthew Perryman Jones

Looking For You Again by Matthew Perryman Jones

Looking For You Again by Matthew Perryman Jones

Rain Or Shine by Matthew Perryman Jones

Rain Or Shine by Matthew Perryman Jones

Anymore of This by Matthew Perryman Jones & Mindy Smith

Anymore of This by Matthew Perryman Jones & Mindy Smith

I Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Matthew Perryman Jones

I Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Matthew Perryman Jones

Jill Andrews

No One by Jill Andrews

No One by Jill Andrews

We Built This City by Jill Andrews and Aron Wright

We Built This City by Jill Andrews and Aron Wright

Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews

Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews

Hush Kids

Wake Up by Hush Kids

Wake Up by Hush Kids



We are so excited to welcome Smooth Hound Smith to the Olivia Management family. I mean, watch this video and just TRY not to dance and clap along. The coolest, right?

I had the pleasure of meeting Smooth Hound Smith last year on tour, and I instantly fell in love with their sound, their vibe, their personalities, and their songs. Also, they bought me tacos. I’m pumped that after a year of knowing them I get to welcome them to our family! They have been working on a new record, and I can’t wait for y’all to hear the music.

Also, we are excited to announce that they are headed out on tour this spring for a few dates with the coolest Aaron Lee Tasjan.

SHS ALT announce image 1.jpeg

I hope you love them like I do!


My favorite Indie/Folk Youtube Channels!

By: Emily McCreight

The internet was forever changed on Monday, February 14, 2005…a.k.a the day the internet domain for Youtube was activated. Ever since then I have been obsessed with any and all music videos, interviews, playlists, and sessions I could find of my favorite artists and bands. Here are a couple of my favorite indie/folk channels that I’ve found over the years!

Indie Folk Central

This channel is perfect for staying up-to-date with all new music coming out! Not only do they post a collection of new music each month, but they also upload weekly updates every Friday to ensure their subscribers are keeping up with new music coming out.

Folk Alley

If you’re looking for live sessions with the best of today’s contemporary and traditional folk, Americana and roots music then this is the perfect channel!

BONUS: Folk Alley premiered Hush Kids single, “Goodbye Rain” in September of 2018! Read the article HERE!

Indie Air

Put your hands IndieAir! This channel offers a huge variety of artists that will get you in your indie feels immediately. My personal favorites that have been featured on this channel are EDEN - Rock + Roll, Lauv - Getting Over You, and James Bay - Wild Love. What I love most about this channel is the sound wave that moves to the song when you play a video :)

California Dreamin'

by Mackenzie Fey

As the busy, crazy, and festive weeks come to a close, it finally starts to settle in with me how cold it really can get. Don’t even get me started on the wind that’s been blowing through Nashville the past few days.

As dreary as the weather can be this time of year, I’m craving wavy coasts filled with sunny days and dreamy tunes. Much like the one below from our very own Lydia Luce.

Want to see some of the magic and feel the warmth in person? Click the link below to be directed to some upcoming shows!


My Experience Interning at Olivia Management

By Sarah Tully


This semester has passed in an incredible whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’ve had about a hundred thousand things going on at any given time throughout this semester, but it’s been amazing. In the midst of the chaos of finals I’d like to take the time to reflect on all the things I’ve learned this semester with Olivia Management.

1. Good Things Come to Those Who Work

This semester I watched not just Erin, Madeline, and Maggie but my fellow interns work extremely hard on everything we did. For every project, show, and bump in the road we faced, the whole team was focused and diligent about achieving the end goal we had set for ourselves. It was inspiring to be around that kind of strong work ethic. It helped to push me not only at the internship but in my personal and academic life also.

2. Be Graceful

There were a couple of things that happened this semester that could have caused the atmosphere of the office to become very dark or tense, but Erin never let that happen. She met every obstacle with a grace I can only hope to achieve. She was upfront and honest with us all about what was going on, and even when it made my stomach drop just hearing it, she kept herself very composed and calm. She was quick to make jokes and laugh about things, lightening the mood, which ensured that the office never felt hostel and remained a nurturing environment for creativity and work.

3. Excellence!!

Erin’s mantra is excellence, and it certainly shows. I’ve never seen a team so committed to excellence, not just for their clients but for one another. The Olivia Management team working together is an amazing thing to watch because they strive to be the best team for their artists while also being the best teammates. It’s comforting and inspiring to see a group of women working together and achieving their goals time and time again.

I’m very sad to see this time at Olivia Management come to an end, because it feels like I started last week. It’s been an amazing, refreshing, and fun time and I’ve learned more than I could have imagined. Looking forward to seeing where my path takes me with this new knowledge and looking forward to seeing all of you again!

The Music Never Stops!

Like us, you are probably rushing through the day, looking forward to the turkey and pie on Thursday and the major sales on Friday. BUT, before you check out completely, here are some cool things going on with Olivia Management artists during this Holiday week!

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 1.30.13 PM.png

Lydia Luce: Lydia is playing fiddle for Joshua Hedley, opening for Jack White at Bridgestone TONIGHT (11/20)! If you are looking for some last minute plans, you can get tickets here!

Hush Kids: Hush Kids will be LIVE on Today in Nashville on WSMV tomorrow morning (11/21) at 11am! Check it out and hear their beautiful voices and see their lovely faces on your TV screen!

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 1.36.19 PM.png

And, for all of you Black Friday needs, Jill Andrews and Matthew Perryman Jones are running a sale on their web stores! For 15% off of MPJ merch, use the code “THANKFUL” at checkout! For 15% off Jill Andrews merch, use code “TURKEYDAY” at checkout. Both sales end on 11/26!

Tunes for Travel

By Mackenzie Fey

In the car? I recommend “Angela” by The Lumineers!

In the car? I recommend “Angela” by The Lumineers!

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, I know I’m not alone when I say I’m always looking for some new tunes to satisfy my need for quality music during all of the travel this time brings. We spend so many hours of so many days traveling from here to there, bustling through endless foot and car traffic, to finally arrive to wherever we call home. Why not fill those hours listening to some great music?

On a plane? I recommend “Free” by Jill Andrews!

On a plane? I recommend “Free” by Jill Andrews!

Here I have so lovingly thrown together a little (or not so little…130 songs to be exact) playlist featuring all the songs that remind me of looking out of the window to an open road or sky.

Because they’re so amazing and truly fit the bill when it comes to this playlist, I’ve made sure to add a couple of tunes from our very own artists here at Olivia Management! These include, Jill Andrews, Matthew Perryman Jones, Hush Kids, and Lydia Luce!

Happy listening and safe travels!

Jill Andrews LIVE

By Madeline Heiskell

Who doesn’t love a good live performance? I personally love to hear our artists play live whether its live from Facebook, Instagram, The Paste Studio, Live from Lighting 100, or a classic live show. In the office, we are all getting so PUMPED for Jill Andrew’s December tour and for everyone to hear her angelic live vocals. In preparation, here are some of our favorite live videos of Jill Andrews. Check them out below!

Erin’s Pick: Back Home, Paste Live

Kaley’s Pick: I’m so in Love with You

Mackenzie’s Pick: Rust or Gold, Audiotree Live

Madeline’s Pick: Cannibal, Paste Live Studios

Maggie’s Pick: Sea of Love, Jill and Langhorne Slim in Riviera Maya, Mexico

We hope you enjoyed our fave videos! If you want to see Jill LIVE this December, Click below to see her upcoming tour dates! I think we proved you won’t be disappointed!

Olivia Management Top 5

by Sarah Tully

All of our artists have unique and beautiful music. They all remind me daily why I fell in love with music in the first place. I thought I’d take the time to share my favorite songs by our artists!

First up is “Blue Eyes” by Jill Andrews. Jill’s vocals seem to float just above the music, and the song, written for her son, conveys every ounce of unconditional love a mother has for their child. This song is especially important to me because people always tell me how much I look like my mother, which she and I think is solely because I have her blue eyes. This is one of Jill’s older songs, coming from her 2011 album The Mirror, and the song is truly timeless.

Second is “Careless Man” by Matthew Perryman Jones. This is a much more recent song, released just a couple months ago as a single, leading up to his latest album The Waking Hours, released 9/21. The lyrics tell the story of a man struggling with how much he loves a person, which is a beautiful thing to me.

The third song on the list is “Wake Up” by Hush Kids. The song speaks to the state of the world and how one might feel lost in it all. The soft melody only enhances the power of the message, the idea of wanting to wake up and find out that all of the bad things aren’t so bad. It’s beautiful and incredibly timely, released October 26th on their debut self-titled album.

The fourth on the list is “Azalea” by Lydia Luce, from her debut album Azalea released a few months ago. A hypnotizing blend of Americana song writing with the flare of some electric rock guitars, “Azalea” is sure to give you all the feels, in all the best way!

Last, but absolutely not least, is “Save You” by Matthew Perryman Jones. If you’re listening and suddenly get images of Pretty Little Liars or Grey’s Anatomy don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. The song has been featured in both shows along with other MPJ tunes. The song is a classic love ballad and Matthew’s vocals bring it to heartbreaking heights. Easily a classic, “Save You” is a go-to on any day you need a ballad.