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Hush Kids Debut!

By Madeline Heiskell 

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard 

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard 

Hey guys! We are super to excited to announce that our artist, Jill Andrews, has started a band with her friend Peter Groenwald called Hush Kids!

"What started as an arranged co-writing session turned into a few years, many songs, and a lot of big ideas. It seemed like the only path to take was to form a band and make a record with our favorite songs that we’d written. Thus, Hush Kids was born." -Hush Kids

They have launched a Pledge campaign to fund their debut album. Please, follow the link below and check out how you can help fund this amazing project! 

National Boss Day

As you well know, we are quite fond of our boss Erin Anderson. I'm sure if you're reading this you can repeat the general reasons why she's a terrific human, but here's a few reasons why her employees love her that may be new, even alarming, to some. 

1. Employee development 

Erin knows that as a good boss, to keep your employees you must show them opportunities for growth in the company. She's taken time to answer many of my looming questions about the industry we work in, as well as gone so far as to set up development meetings for us at Marché on a regular basis (YUM). This month, she's even covering my ticket to CAA's Young Nashville party so that I can socialize with peers and friends in the biz. 

- Maggie Adams


2. She cares about the mental state of her employees

Just recently, on World Mental Health Day, she could tell my spirit was waning as I'd endured a red-eye flight the day before. Rather than pushing us both to get through what was quite a dreary day weather-wise, she acknowledged that we'd gotten everything urgent done that day, and that we should go home. On another occasion, she made a point for me to read an article about mental health in the music industry. You're probably thinking, "Yikes, maybe she's dropping a not-so-subtle hint...", but the truth is, she genuinely cares that her employees aren't working themselves into oblivion. That's super meaningful to me because in an industry where we're constantly going, it's reassuring to know that I have someone in my corner who views mental health as something we should be checking in on just as often as we're checking in on the wellness and success of the business itself. 

- Maggie Adams

3. She shares my strange love for fidget spinners

How great is it that we have four, FOUR fidget spinners in the office?! I'll tell you: really great. In this video, you don't see Erin fidging...she's in fact doing something constructive. But, I promise you she does fidge along with me. 

- Maggie Adams

4. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy

Hopefully that quote doesn't lead you to think Erin is a serial killer! But she is seriously good at recognizing that you can't work for 8 hours straight with no breaks! It's important to take a breather, laugh about silly Facebook videos, chat about life or enjoy a nice visit to Calypso Cafe. One day this year, Erin looked at me and said, "I don't feel like working," and my mind immediately went to snacks. "Let's go to Jeni's," I replied. And without hesitation, she agreed, fell for my dubious charm and we enjoyed a nice 4pm ice cream break.

  - Maggie Adams

5. She's an Instant Inspiration

Before I even began my internship, I was so impressed by Erin. I had watched interviews of her speaking about entrepreneurship and even written a report about Olivia Management for my Entrepreneurship class. Being able to work with Erin and watch her grow this amazing company is so inspiring for a Music Business major about to graduate. She has made me feel more comfortable and ready to take on the Artist Management life!

- Madeline Heiskell 

6. Her Generosity is UNPARALLELED

Whether its buying lunch for the office, donuts for meetings, or tickets to a show, Erin will always go out of her way to make sure her employees/interns are enjoying life to the fullest. She also shares her knowledge without holding back. She wants us to succeed and gives us every chance to do so! 

- Hannah Brown 

Olivia Management Educate Series

I had the opportunity recently to speak at the CD Baby DIY Conference about Artist Management, and as a part-time adjunct professor, it felt logical to me to structure my talk like a lecture. After the talk, I had so many artists approach me and thank me for giving them actionable steps and actually TEACHING them about the music business.

It dawned on me that unless you are a music business college student, there really aren't many opportunities to LEARN about the music business. Some things are hard to pick up just reading a book, and some skills require experience and wisdom. 

So, here's my solution: I am excited to present the Educate! Series. 

If I'm really honest, the constant barrage of music industry networking events can sometimes exhaust me. But the thought of having 4 nights to break big music industry questions down into actionable steps and teach them to interested parties makes me REALLY excited. Hope to see you there! 

Tickets and more info HERE

Calling all The Secret Sisters Fans!!

By: Hannah Brown

Photo by Jacqueline Justice 

Photo by Jacqueline Justice 

I have had the honor of spending time with Laura and Lydia during my internship at Olivia Management. It has been more than amazing. Not only are Laura and Lydia the definition of humble, loving, hard working, southern women; but they also love their fans with such passion and are very dedicated to being the best they can be for their fans. 

If you love The Secret Sisters as much as I do, you should join the Facebook fan page! Other dedicated fans share live videos of shows, and swap stories. While occasionally our management team will drop in little surprises and sneak peaks! Be sure to join through the link below.


Lately at "the office"

Lucky for us, as a small business, "the office" could mean San Francisco one day and a recording studio the next. It's been a busy and fun few weeks here at Olivia Management for all of our artists! Below are a few photos from some of our favorite moments lately. 

Jill Andrews performing at Muletown Music Fest in Columbia, TN 

Jill Andrews performing at Muletown Music Fest in Columbia, TN 

Matthew Perryman Jones performing at Muletown Music Fest in Columbia, TN 

Matthew Perryman Jones performing at Muletown Music Fest in Columbia, TN 

The Secret Sisters playing a sweet backyard house show in Oakland, CA

The Secret Sisters playing a sweet backyard house show in Oakland, CA

The Secret Sisters had some incredible scenery for their set at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco, CA 

The Secret Sisters had some incredible scenery for their set at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco, CA 

Getting in some quality studio time with Jill Andrews. 

Getting in some quality studio time with Jill Andrews. 

We had the pleasure of getting to see The Secret Sisters close out Brandi Carlile's set at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with "Amazing Grace" 

We had the pleasure of getting to see The Secret Sisters close out Brandi Carlile's set at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with "Amazing Grace" 

A great shot by Mark Slagle taken at the Ryman during The Secret Sisters set prior to Jason Isbell 

A great shot by Mark Slagle taken at the Ryman during The Secret Sisters set prior to Jason Isbell 

A little teaser photo indicating that Matthew Perryman Jones is going back in the studio next week

A little teaser photo indicating that Matthew Perryman Jones is going back in the studio next week

Ryman Hatch Show Prints

By Madeline Heiskell

Screenshot (34).png

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of selling merch for The Secret Sisters at their show at the Ryman where they opened for Jason Isbell. While selling, I noticed a bunch of people brought their own poster tubes and said they collected Hatch Show Posters. I learned that Hatch show posters are something a lot of fans/Ryman goers collect. Last night, there were only 174 posters printed for the first night of Jason Isbell's 6 night run at the Ryman.  All 174 posters sold out within 45 minutes. It was crazy! Plus, they have a different poster for each night Jason is playing, which makes them even more collectible. These posters are truly fascinating and definitely worth the long merch line to get your hands on one! To read more about the history of Hatch Show Prints, or view the gallery, click below! 

And if you are a poster collector, take a look at The Secret Sisters website! We have two awesome posters for sale both designed by the incredible team at Friendly Arctic. One of the posters actually benefits hurricane relief efforts! Take a look!

Find your new favorite artist!

Sometimes I really take it for granted that I am surrounded by so many talented and wonderful people. 

Here is a playlist I made for you of 14 songs that I am really digging right now by some of my friends, clients, and neighbors. I hope you find your new favorite artist on this list. 

How to help!

By Hannah Brown

This week has been a hard one. Our hearts are with the victims and families affected by the Las Vegas shooting. We believe music is about bringing joy and bringing us together. We love what we do, and will continue to help put out music in hopes that it will bring beauty into the world. If you would like to donate to the Las Vegas victims, or anyone affected by the recent natural disasters, please feel free to check out the links below.


M A R E N   M O R R I S


M U S I C  C I T Y  C A R E S  F U N D



G O F U N D M E  

A gofundme started by the Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas has raised more than 8 million dollars in two days. The Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting.

vegas pic.jpg

T H E  S E C R E T  S I S T E R S  


tomorrow will be kinder.jpg

T H I R S T Y  G R O U N D






T H E  S A L V A T I O N  A R M Y



Spotify Time Capsule

By Madeline Heiskell


Did anyone notice an email from Spotify last week talking about your time capsule playlist? I didn't even look at the email until I saw a few articles about it online. After I read about it, I went back to the playlist and was pretty impressed with the accuracy of my time capsule (Maybe just because I'm known to still listen to some good ol' Hilary Duff every now and then.)  Basically, the playlist anticipates and collects songs Spotify thinks you were listening to 10 years ago based on what you've played in the app. If you are a Spotify listener, go dig through your email and find your time capsule playlist! Or click this link and log into your account. It's worth a listen.


And while you are there, visit our artist's spotify channels! Maybe in 10 years, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jill Andrews, and The Secret Sisters will be on your time capsule playlist! 

Great Music & Grey's Anatomy

By Madeline Heiskall

As I mentioned in my "New Intern" get to know me blog post, I love Grey's Anatomy. So when I found out that our artists Jill Andrews and Matthew Perryman Jones both had songs in Grey's (and the spin off Private Practice), I went on a search to find some clips of those episodes. Here is what I found!

Jill Andrews' "Rust Or Gold" on Grey's Anatomy S9 E22 "Do You Believe in Magic." 

Jill Andrews' cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Grey's Anatomy S10 E11 "Man on the Moon" 

Matthew Perryman Jones' "Save You" on Private Practice S1 E4 "In Which Addison Finds the Magic"

Click here for a list of Jill's songs in TV & Movies!

Click here for a list of Matthew's songs in TV & Movies! 

Jill Andrews Audiotree Session

By: Hannah Brown

We recently wrapped up Americana Fest, and during the week I had the honor of seeing Jill Andrews perform live. As a new intern I had yet to experience Jill's voice live, and it was just as beautiful and natural as on her recorded songs. Jill is one of the sweetest, and most passionate humans on this Earth, and that is all beautifully represented through her live performances. You can experience Jill's captivating voice through the video of her Audiotree Live Session below!

WMOT Roots Radio Americanafest 2017 Review

By Madeline Heiskall

While looking at reviews of Americanafest 2017, I stumbled upon this article, an insider's account of the weeks festivities, by Craig Havighurst at WMOT Roots Radio. The article quotes,

"The moment at AMA I loved the most was the Secret Sisters sitting in with Lee Ann Womack after Music City Roots. It's like time stood still, the whole room became quiet and their beautiful voices filled the air with "Davey White." I also loved that they chose to sing one of Lee-Ann Womack's songs with Lee Ann Womack. #Killedit - Ashleejean Trott, Music City Roots"

Read the full article here:

Watch a live fan video of The Secret Sisters, performing at the WMOT Yee Haw Tent at AmericanaFest 2017!

5 Things I've Learned in One Year

I've learned exponentially more than five things about artist management since accepting the job as day-to-day one year ago. However, as you'll see from number one on the list, time is precious so I'm condensing the many things I've learned into this easily digestible list. Hopefully you're able to glean a bit of info from this and apply it to your life as well! 

Me eating the best tacos in the world while in Austin, TX with The Secret Sisters for SXSW 2017. 

Me eating the best tacos in the world while in Austin, TX with The Secret Sisters for SXSW 2017. 

1. There is never enough time

This might sound pessimistic, but I call it realistic. As a manager, you want to do SO many things to help your artist succeed. There's no way you can do all of them at once, so prioritizing what's important and making the best use of your time is crucial. 

2. delegation is key

Speaking of time being crucial and there never being enough of it...I've learned what things can and can't be delegated (Correction: still learning). There's a number of things that happen for some of our artists on a cyclical timeline. For example, each show requires so many marketing actions that amount to selling tickets for that show. If it follows a pattern every time, that's something that I can teach one of our capable interns to keep up with so that it's one less thing that I have to worry about on a daily basis. That way, if some out of the ordinary crisis or celebration comes up unexpectedly, those actions are still completed, and they haven't fallen through the cracks just because my day was thrown off course.

3. how to let go of mistakes 

To be perfectly honest, I actually haven't learned this, but I'm working on it because it's a necessity. Mistakes happens to everyone. One time when I was in a dumpster state of mind due to a minor error, Erin told me that I catch 98% of things thrown at me, and that's a really good statistic. Of course, it's not an accurate statistic, but in this case, it's the thought that counts. We spend a lot of time dealing with minute details that are incredibly important to the day-to-day operations and success of artists' careers and our own. Nobody is prefect, therefore, as a human, there are some times when I don't catch that one thing thrown at me. It's so vital to your happiness as an employee to learn that although you aren't perfect, there are actions you can take to make sure the same mistakes don't happen multiple times. After you've made a mistake, create a plan to prevent it the next time. Then, follow that plan you made. 

4. do your research & FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF

Whether it's finding out how to complete a task with minimal instruction from your boss because you don't want to ask a thousand questions that will interrupt their important train of thought; or if it's going into a meeting with a potential client so you know their history before you get to know them as a person. Unless you're wasting time, you can never do too much research. In fact, I think I've always known this, but this year just validated this idea for me. Especially when you're taking instruction from someone else, it's best to try and do literally everything in your power to solve a problem on your own because otherwise you're taking time out of your boss's day to fix something that you have the ability to fix if you try hard enough. 

5. adopting an artist's voice

Okay, this one's really just so I can feel good about myself/pat myself on the back for one of these five points. Everyone has strengths, some people may be great at math (not me), but because I am a logophile I pay close attention to the words people choose. Once you're around somebody enough, you start to learn the way they verbalize their ideas and construct their phrases. One of my strengths is social media and posting for artists (shhh...don't tell anyone that not all artists post for themselves all the time! *she says sarcastically because surely it's obvious sometimes*), and I've paid close attention to how our artists speak so that I can minimize the number of things we ask from them. Of course, it's super important sometimes for an artist to post for themselves, but for the instances where I can save them the trouble, it's nice to have that ability. If you watch artist interviews, pick up on their quirks, read their past posts and gobble up every resource, you can probably hone in on this skill as well. 


New Intern: Madeline Heiskell

At Olivia Management, we're very privileged to get such awesome applicants who strive for excellence in their daily lives. Madeline applied, and I instantly knew she was the type of person that could handle any task. She's already made our lives easier with her talent for organization and, trust me, that is a pretty invaluable strength to have in management. We're happy to introduce you to Madeline Heiskell! 


1.       What do you want to get out of this internship?

I've recently been re-watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. In reference to surgery, Dr. Bailey says to one of the interns, "See one, do one, teach one." This semester, I want to "Do one." At my last internship, I felt like I was able to see and watch how things are done. I was exposed to the world of artist management. Now, I want to do it. I want to be more confident in my ideas and figure out how I work best in this field so that in the future, I will be able to "Teach one." 

2.       What do you love to do? Hobbies? Activities?

Piano was my first passion. I don't play nearly as much as I would like, but it’s one of my goals to get back into it. I want to master Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven by the end of the year. I also love to thrift shop. I love finding knick-knacks and pictures for my apartment. I get a feeling of pride and accomplishment when I can decorate a room for only $20. 

3.       If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I wasn't Gluten Free (which is not by choice I might add because regular food tastes so good) then I would say pizza. But since I am gluten free, I would have to say a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle with pinto beans, pico, corn, sour cream, cheese, and guac. And yes, I know guac is extra, but sometimes, you gotta live a little. Oh, or In-N-Out. I couldn't survive without In-N-Out. I'm Changing my answer. In-N-Out. 

4.       Favorite musicians, artists, genres, equipment, shows you’ve been to...tell us anything you love about music.

Sara Bareilles is my all time favorite. I love her style and her honesty and playing her songs on piano is such a fun time. I also love Demi Lovato, Tyler Hilton, Ed Sheeran, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Thomas Rhett to name a few. However, I also love to just listen to random music on Spotify or Pandora. I can name plenty of times where I listened to a song once and fell in love with it, but never heard it again because I didn't know the name of the artist or the song. But it left an impression on me, which is what counts in my book as good music. The first concert I ever attended was "Hannah Montana: Meet Miley Cyrus Feat. the Jonas Brothers." As a sixth grader, that was all I wanted out of life. And it was awesome. Lastly, I have to mention Taylor Swift. Personally, I absolutely love her music, but, I am so much more fascinated with her marketing team. I could go on for pages about how talented and genius they are. And I probably will in a separate blog post one of these days. But wow. Can't wait to hear her new album and see how it all rolls out. 

5.       Why did you choose to intern here?

I chose to intern here because when I was first looking for an internship, this was one of the first places that popped up online when I typed in "Artist Management Companies in Nashville" on google. I looked into Olivia Management's story and learned Erin's story and that she was an adjunct professor at Belmont University where I go to school. I connected to Erin's story and immediately knew I wanted to work with her and her team at Olivia Management.  

6.       What is your favorite part about Nashville?

I love the opportunities in Nashville. I love that I have the opportunity to pursue a career in music. The opportunity to work as a waitress with some of the most amazing co-workers. The opportunity to eat amazing gluten free food that doesn't taste like chalk. And most importantly, the opportunity to grow as a person with all of the friends that have embraced me in this city.

7.       What do you want to be when you grow up?

First and foremost, I want to be a good person, and a good friend, no matter where life takes me. Having that said, I want to try my hand in artist management. It is something I have been working towards throughout college and it would be a dream come true if that is what I could do for the rest of my professional career. 

New Intern: Hannah Brown

I feel like I was just writing about the most recent batch of new interns yesterday! Time flies when it's summer. But with fall comes lovely new interns. Hannah Brown is one such lovely intern, and she's already brightening the office with her sunny personality and comedic comments. Read more about her below!  


1. What do you want to get out of this internship?

Knowledge! I have learned so much over my past three years at Belmont, and I am more than ready for a hands on experience. I love the amount of responsibility I will hold at this internship, and really look forward to working with Maggie and Erin. 

2. What do you love to do? Hobbies? Activities?

On any given weekend you can find me bopping around East Nashville, spending all the money I do not have. Most of my time is spent listening to music, exploring new local spots, and watching way too much Netflix. If you can't find me in Nashville, check the beach. 

3. If you could eat one thing for the rest of you life what would it be?

At the risk of sounding very basic, Chipotle. 

4. Favorite musicians, artists, genres, equipment, shows you've been to... tell us anything you love about music.

Music is just so pure. It brings people together like nothing else. Music carries emotions and takes you to places old and new. One of my favorite lyrics is Eric Church's, " funny how a melody sounds like a memory". Every song I listen to takes me back to another part of my life, or creates a memory right then. I think that's really neat. 

My musical taste is all over the place. Anything from classical to rap, and everything in between. Some of my favorite artists include AlunaGeorge, Cage the Elephant, Frank Ocean, Khalid, and Kendrick Lamar. It is hard to pick a favorite show, but The 1975 and Eric Hutchinson definitely top the list. The visual effects and art of the 1975 are mesmerizing. While Eric's upbeat humorous personality makes it feel like, you're watching your high school best friend play guitar in your living room. 

5. Why did you choose to intern here?

There are so many reasons. The first being that I have looked up to Maggie since our days at Belmont. We were in a sorority together where she always managed to be perfectly herself. While also killing the internship game. When I heard she needed an intern here, I was quick to reach out. After speaking to her during my interview and sitting down with her and Erin. I could not be more thrilled with my decision. Olivia Management is serious about their work, and a product of two amazing hardworking woman. What else could you want?

6. What is your favorite part about Nashville?

The vibe. Nashville is unlike any other city I have been to. It has a big city feel with small town charm. Everyone you meet is so king and loving, and intentional. Everyone is here for a reason, and is passionate. Not to mention the amazing food, and atmosphere of everywhere you go. I'm so thankful to call this city home. 

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happy. Cheesy, I know. But I would like to know that when I grow up, I will be doing what I love. With like minded people beside me. I have so much passion for the music industry and I hope I find myself in it as a grown up. 

5 Can't Miss Sets at Americana Fest

By Ali Bartlett

It's about to be that time of year again! From September 12th - 17th,  folk and americana fans, artists, and industry professionals will come together over their love of music. Here are some sets I'm looking forward to this year at Americana Fest! Purchase your tickets here: http://americanamusic.org/buy-your-pass


saturday, sept. 16th - 10:30 pm - the anchor


thursday, sep. 14 - 11 pm - the station inn




friday, sept. 15TH - 9 pm - MERCY LOUNGE


friDAY, sept 15TH - 10 pm - the 5 spot