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Caitlin Canty: 'Motel'

By: Josh Snyder

Recently, Caitlin Canty released a second single, titled 'Motel' that will be included on her upcoming album, Motel Bouquet, due out later this spring. This song provides an inside glimpse into what the new album is made up of. Caitlin showcases her strong vocal ability, as well as a gift for songwriting.

Back in January, Caitlin had the opportunity to perform at Paste Studios in New York, NY in one of their live sessions. While there, Caitlin gave a hollowing rendition of 'Motel'. You can check out the performance below!

Just Announced: Jill Andrews and Hush Kids at GAS Festival


Jill Andrews and Hush Kids have recently announced that they will be playing at this year's GAS Feed and Seed Festival. This festival is unlike any other, as it consists of not only innovative new musicians, but also some of the most renowned comedians in the country who will be playing shows and dining with guests.

The festival takes place from February 15-17, 2018 in Davenport, Iowa. The event will begin with a farm-to-table feast the first evening, followed by shows and performances, breaking all barriers of genre and instead focusing on the universality of true talent in both comedy and music. 

You can find tickets and more information about the event at the link below.

Hush Kids are currently in the process of working on new music. You can support their journey by contributing to their pledge campaign below.

Hush Kids are currently in the process of working on new music. You can support their journey by contributing to their pledge campaign below.

Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park

By: Josh Snyder


Tonight, Matthew Perryman Jones and Hush Kids will be featured in a benefit show titled 'Songs for Centennial Park', taking place at the Nashville City Winery. All of the proceeds from this show will directly go to Phase Two improvements taking place at the park this spring. 

Centennial Park is home to the Parthenon, a Nashville landmark which is a full size replica of the Parthenon in Athens. Centennial Park also features a walking trail, beautiful gardens, and a scenic lake. The park hosts numerous events throughout the year and is a great family hangout. 

Phase Two improvements at the park will consist of new trails and the construction of a new outdoor pavilion. Also included in the improvement is a special lighting feature to help showcase the beauty of the Parthenon.

This show is sure to be a memorable night full of great music, all while supporting a great cause close to many Nashvillians. Tickets can be found here!

Transatlantic Sessions: The History


The Secret Sisters will be playing eight shows across the United Kingdom as part of this year's Transatlantic Sessions Tour. In honor of this short European tour, I thought it would be fun to research the history of the Transatlantic Sessions, and share my findings below.  

The sessions are a series of musical productions.

These productions are mostly collaborations, bringing together the folk music powerhouses from North America, Scotland, England, and Ireland.

Each performance is recorded as part of a special television series.

Directed by Mike Alexander and produced by Douglas Eadie, the live performances are recorded for television and air on PBS (domestically) and BBC (internationally). 

Historically, there have been six series recorded.

The sessions began in 1995, and the most recent was recorded in 2013. Because of the success of the television series, in 2017 the producers chose to turn to live shows and created the Transatlantic Sessions Tour, which is what The Secret Sisters will be apart of. 

The 2018 UK Transatlantic Sessions Tour follows the success of the Transatlantic Sessions April 2017 US Tour.

In April of 2017, artists long associated with the Transatlantic Sessions toured in a live series across the US. The small run of shows was so successful and memorable, that they decided to continue this year in the United Kingdom.

Olivia Management is so excited that The Secret Sisters have the opportunity to be apart of this year's Transatlantic Sessions Tour.
Check out their album You Don't Own Me Anymore and get your tickets to see them on tour below!


Rolling Stone Features Caitlin Canty


The January 2018 edition of Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know" featured Olivia Management's very own, Caitlin Canty. Upon the anticipation of her new record, Motel Bouquet, Canty has already drawn attention from many because of her sound that has been described as "thoughtfully constructed alt-folk with just the right amount of twang". 

Below, you can find the Rolling Stone article, as well as the link to listen to her debut single from the record, titled "Take Me For A Ride".

Grammy's on Sunday, January 28th!

By: Madeline Heiskell 

Just a reminder, The 60th Grammy Awards are on Sunday, January 28th! And in case you haven't heard, our incredibly talented artists, The Secret Sisters, were nominated in the Best Folk Album Category! Below are some awesome articles that talk about the Grammy nomination and the album that started it all, "You Don't Own Me Anymore." Keep scrolling if you want to learn more about the Best Folk Album Category!

According to the 54th Grammy Awards guideline the Best Folk Album category includes authentic folk material in both traditional vocal and instrumental styles, as well as contemporary material by artists who use traditional folk elements, sounds and instrumental techniques as the basis for their recordings. Folk music is primarily but not exclusively acoustic, often using contemporary arrangements with production and sensibilities distinctly different from a pop approach.

This award combines the previous categories for Best Contemporary Folk Album and Best Traditional Folk Album. The Recording Academy decided to create this new category for 2012 upon stating there were "challenges in distinguishing between... Contemporary and Traditional Folk

Previous winners of this category include: 

2017 - Sarah Jarosz, Undercurrent

2016 - Bela Fleck, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

2015 - Old Crow Medicine Show, Remedy

2014 - Guy Clark, My Favorite Picture of You

2013 - Yo-Yo Ma, The Goat Rodeo Sessions

2012 - The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow

We hope The Secret Sisters will soon join this list of amazing artists! If you need to be reminded of their amazing talent, check out some awesome videos below!



New Intern: Lauren Degen



What do you want to get out of this internship?

I am so excited for this internship as I know it will be an amazing learning experience. I look forward to growing in my knowledge regarding the music industry artist management, as well as working hands on with incredible artists. Ultimately, I want to establish new relationships, learn as much as I can in 4 months, and walk away with tools that will help me achieve success in the future.

What do you love to do? Hobbies? Activities?

I love everything and anything that has to do with music--attending shows, discovering new artists, and educating myself on the business side as well. Besides that, I love to hike, run, and spend time outside being active. In the summer, you'll find me on my boat with my family or in the mountains in Idaho, soaking up the sun. 

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. You truly can't beat a good burrito!

Favorite musicians, artists, genres, equipment, shows you’ve been to...tell us anything you love about music.

Still, to this day, Taylor Swift has got to be my favorite artist. From her songwriting to live shows, she's amazing! I will listen to any music, regardless of genre, if I like the way it sounds and find some emotional connection to the lyric (after all, that's my favorite part about music). Some of my other favorite artists include Ed Sheeran, Devin Dawson, Dierks Bentley, Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, Old Dominion, etc. 

Why did you choose to intern here?

I chose to intern with Olivia Management because I love the environment and the culture of this company. I believe there is value in working for smaller businesses, as there are many different aspects of the music industry I will be working in. I love the creative energy I feel when I come to intern, as well as the desire to always achieve excellence in the workplace. 

What is your favorite part about Nashville?

My favorite part about Nashville has to be the people. No matter where you go, people are there to greet you with a smile (I'm telling you, Southern hospitality is a real thing). I also love going to school in a city where there is so much growth potential. Everyone here is a dreamer and I feel inspired each morning when I wake up here to be the best version of myself and to work hard towards my goals. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a loaded question because I feel like it is constantly changing! At the moment, my ultimate goal is to practice as an entertainment attorney and then eventually open my own publishing company that focuses in writer development as well. I am passionate that there needs to be more advocacy for songwriters in this industry, and want to be apart of that movement in any way that I can. 

Jill Andrews ‘Get Up Get On’ From The Good Doctor Season 1, Episode 11

If you tune in to the show "The Good Doctor" on ABC, you may have heard a familiar tune on the latest episode! Jill Andrew's Song 'Get Up Get On' from her album 'The War Inside' was featured in the 11th episode of the shows first season that aired on January 8, 2018. 

Below you can find the link to an article written about the song's placement in the show, and a link to Jill's music video for 'Get Up Get On.'  

Jill Andrews the Playlist Queen

We're lucky to work with awesome artists, but we're just as lucky to have an awesome team of people working with us to get our artists heard! Kudos to Jill Andrews and the team that has helped her get on the following list of amazing playlists with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Amazon - Fresh Folk & Americana - "Safe"

Spotify - Acoustic love - "I'M So in love with you"

Spotify - greys anatomy - "Total eclipse of the heart"

Spotify - Swagger - "Tell that devil"

Spotify - Deep Dark Indie - "lost it all"

spotify - Ballad Uurtjes - "A way to you again"

spotify - folk pop - "Get up, Get on"

Spotify - femme fatale - "tell that devil"

Not A Goodbye, Just A See You Later!

By: Hannah Brown

OM PIC.jpg

I am currently sitting in our (newly renovated) office, in the chair I have spent the last four months in. And man does time fly. Today is my last day as an intern at Olivia Management, and I have learned so very much. As I wind down my day I wanted to share a little bit of what I have learned.

1. You Can Be Both The Most Graceful Individual While Also Being Funny 

During my time here I had the honor of joining The Secret Sisters on the road. From their music, to their performances, and their interviews The Secret Sisters are woman of class and are extremely humble. I imagined they would be the moist poised elegant women I would ever encounter. And while they are, they are also hilarious and real people. They are the perfect balance of graceful southern woman, who also have a humorous side. They are just magnificent women. 

2. Leaving Your Work at Work

My days at Olivia Management are extremely full. We work very hard to strive for excellence for our artists. And something I struggled with in the beginning was leaving my work at work. When I would leave at the end of the day there was still stuff on my to do list for the week. And being the perfectionist I am, I wanted to finish it all the second I got home that night. But through my time here I have learned the importance of being able to close my laptop and enjoying my personal life. And then getting up the next day to start off the day fresh and excited.


3. Taking Breaks is Essential

At Olivia Management, I have learned how essential breaks are. When you spend hours upon hours staring at a screen, you need to give yourself time to rest your eyes and your brain. When I learned to do this my work significantly improved. And I found myself far more refreshed throughout the day. 


4. Work Hard, Play Hard

As two boss ass women, Maggie and Erin sure know how to work hard. But the reason they are so successful is because they know how to also play. There isn't a day at Olivia Management I found myself bored. And adventure was a thing I could count on. Between Maggie's love of fidget spinners, trips to Dave and Busters, and exploring some of East Nashville's most beautiful studios. I learned the value of bringing some fun to the table. 


5. Jill Andrews Actually Sounds Like That

That is literally how she sounds you guys. That is all there is to say about that. 


6. Be Intentional and True to Yourself

This is by far the most important. I have been surrounded by the most amazing artists. Who have proven to me time and time again, that you do not need to be snarky to get ahead. Be yourself through and through. Treat others with kindness and respect, and do not fear being yourself. I can now thank Matthew, Jill, Laura, and Lydia for that.  They are the most kind, humble, loving, and genuine people. 


An Americana Christmas

By Madeline Heiskell

Chrstmas Bels.png

It is finally Christmas season!!! Which means lots of drinking hot cocoa, donning fuzzy socks, decorating Christmas trees,  and my favorite part, listening to Christmas music. And while I love listening to the classics, (who doesn't pull out their good ol' Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra albums during the Christmas season?) I also love discovering new music to get me in the Holiday spirit. At Olivia Management, I'm lucky to be surrounded by plenty of wonderful artists who also happen to have some Christmas ear candy for me to listen to this season. And lucky for you, I've done the heavy lifting and gathered all of those songs from Olivia Management Artists and put them together in This. Blog. Post. Please enjoy these beautiful songs, share them with your friends and, from all of us here at Olivia Management,  have a wonderful Americana Christmas!  

(Above) Spotify Playlist with songs from Olivia Management Artists and Consulting Clients


Above are videos of The Secret Sister's rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" Live on WXPN (2016), Matthew Perryman Jones' version of "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel" for NoiseTrade's 12 Days of Christmas (2013), and The Secret Sisters with Brandi Carlisle singing, "Christmas 1984" (2013). 


Cover Art for Peter Groenwald and Jill Andrews song, (now know as the band Hush Kids) "Jingle Your Bells" released in 2016

Cover Art for Peter Groenwald and Jill Andrews song, (now know as the band Hush Kids) "Jingle Your Bells" released in 2016

‘Twas a Week Before Christmas (Break)...

By Madeline Heiskell 

Today, Maggie asked me to write a blog post about my semester at Olivia Management. Today, I was in a very Christmas-y mood.  Today, I was feeling very focused. So today, I wrote about all of my semester highlights in the form of the age old "'Twas the Night Before Christmas Poem." Please enjoy my dorky attempt at creativity! P.S. I added footnotes if you want more info about my experiences/life at Olivia Management.

Christmas Wreath.jpg

'Twas a Week Before Christmas (Break)

‘Twas a week before Christmas (break), when all through the office,

Everyone was working, especially my bosses.

The Grammy’s were coming, and so were the Tours,

We worked so our artist would feel rest and assured.


Now as the semester came to a close,

I dreamt of the good times I loved the most.

Maggie in her Mardi Gra, and Erin’s champagne,

And Hush Kids and Matthew’s Pledge Campaigns. (There’s still time to pledge!)[1]


When out at the studio, the fans all arrived

To hear Matthew sing, and have their souls revived.[2]

Away to Barista, I flew like a flash

Needing some coffee, please, no decaf![3]


Hush Kids music, as beautiful as snow,

the amazing Jill and Peter, the greatest combo,

When what to my wondering ears should appear,

A new single from Jill, and I shed a tear.[4]


With two amazing bosses, so awesome and strong,

I knew in a moment, this was where I belonged.

More rapid than eagles, their ideas they came,

And they helped, and encouraged, and taught me the game.


“@maggie, @hannah, @erin, @mads

Artist Growth is missing info, who can help add?”[5]

To the tab with Asana![6] To the tab with Slack[7]!

Now back to Asana and check off that task!


As The Secret Sisters sing, their melodies fly,

When they meet audience ears, there’s not a dry eye.

So in the Ryman, their voices, they flew,

I am blessed to say, I was there too![8]


And then in a twinkling, I awoke to great news,

The Secret Sisters nominated for a Grammy, I didn’t hit snooze![9]

As Erin walked in, I was so proud to have learned,

Excellence from a woman who got what she earned.[10]


The office was my favorite, from its aesthetic to its poise

And always lying around, fidget spinner toys.[11]

On the wall, a calendar, so many shows ahead,

And Fridays I loved, because my office was my bed.[12]


The Emails---they are drafted! And Scheduled, how great!

Emails and my relationship is one of love and hate.[13]

The Canva[14] graphics are done, all tied up with a bow,

Now time to prepare for this weekend’s shows!


The wifi is out again, we gritted our teeth,

So we worked from a coffee shop, right down the street![15]

One of the perks of managing artists,

It can be done from anywhere, if you work your hardest.


It was spectacular and lovely, and just truly the best

Attending Razor and Tie’s Show During Americana Fest.[16]

It was a pleasure to meet Jill, and Peter as well,

Soon they would be Hush Kids, with music so swell!


So now at the end of a semester of work,

I share with you all my thoughts and perks

Working in an office, with so much support,

I didn’t even mind all of my Uber transport.[17]


I loved this internship, so much happiness it brings,

And because of that, I’ll be back in the Spring!

So from the intern, writing all this by candlelight,





[1] To pledge to Hush Kids, Follow this link: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mpj

To pledge to Matthew Perryman Jones, Pledge to this link: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mpj

[2] In November, Matthew Perryman Jones held a private concert for his biggest fans at the AMAZING studio he recorded at. I got to attend and hear him play some awesome new tunes as well as some old ones. It was definitely a highlight to see him play in such an intimate setting.

[3] Barista Parlor is a coffee shop right below our office in East Nashville. Some mornings, I’d splurge on a specialty latte, because, why not?

[4] Jill’s new single “Safe” will be released in the next few weeks. You can read this article to learn more about this  beautiful new tune: https://thebluegrasssituation.com/read/jill-andrews-safe

[5] One of the most important tasks at Olivia Management is making sure that information gets from our emails and into Artist Growth, which is what the artists use to see all of the details about their schedule and upcoming shows. Fun fact: The Artist Growth people are in the offices right next door to us!

[6] This is the site that we use to assign and check our tasks. Its basically the office to do list.

[7] Slack is our communication center. We chat on different channels on Slack depending on the topic. It makes it really easy to keep all information separated and organized.

[8] Seeing The Secret Sisters at the Ryman was breathtaking. Their music is so hauntingly beautiful, and that venue compliments their sound so well.

[9] The Secret Sisters are nominated in the “Best Folk Album” category for the Grammy’s!

[10] Olivia Managements Motto is, “Olivia Management is an artist management and consulting company that strives to maximize artists’ profits, grow artists’ brands, and foster joy through music and entertainment. We are committed to excellence, honesty, integrity, and genuine connection.” Excellence is always on our minds.

[11] Maggie LOVES fidget spinners

[12] We work from home on Fridays. And it’s is so cool.

[13] Drafting emails to remind fans of shows is tedious work. But so satisfying once you get them all drafted and ready to send out!

[14] Canva is the website we use to create graphics. Its an awesome tool. Creating graphics is one of my favorite things to do. It creative and serves a purpose.

[15] This happened a few times during the semester, but sometimes, its nice to get a change of scenery.

[16] This was the first time I went to a show for one of our artists back at the beginning of my internship and I was blown away. Jill and Peter gave such a spectacular performance.

[17] I don’t have a car, so I Uber to and from internship every day. I have a love hate relationship with Uber as well.


If you still haven't heard...

By Madeline Heiskell


The Secret Sisters were nominated for "Best Folk Album" for their third album, "You Don't Own Me Anymore."

Image uploaded from iOS (1).jpg

To see how The Secret Sisters and Olivia Management celebrated, check out the following images!

"We almost didn’t make a third record. Very honored and humbled to be nominated for Best Folk Album alongside some of our heroes. Thanks Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and all of you who have supported this journey. Great way to kick off our tour, starting in Macon, GA tonight!" -The Secret Sisters

"We almost didn’t make a third record. Very honored and humbled to be nominated for Best Folk Album alongside some of our heroes. Thanks Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and all of you who have supported this journey. Great way to kick off our tour, starting in Macon, GA tonight!" -The Secret Sisters

"Over here celebrating The Secret Sisters GRAMMY NOMINATION!" -Olivia Management

"Over here celebrating The Secret Sisters GRAMMY NOMINATION!" -Olivia Management

To listen to the Grammy nominated (!!!) album, check out the playlist below! To purchase or listen on any other platforms - CLICK HERE!



Ridin' Turkey: A Thanksgiving Travel Playlist

If you need a bit of musical inspiration for the long drives or cramped flights this holiday weekend, I humbly offer to you this playlist of what I've been listening to lately! It's filled with mostly new releases and a couple old favorites with a surprise at the end - if you're listening in order, that is (HINT: IT MAY HAVE TO DO WITH THE TITLE OF THIS PLAYLIST). And remember, friends, refrain from driving drowsy after copious amounts of tryptophan. 

Hush Kids Debut!

By Madeline Heiskell 

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard 

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard 

Hey guys! We are super to excited to announce that our artist, Jill Andrews, has started a band with her friend Peter Groenwald called Hush Kids!

"What started as an arranged co-writing session turned into a few years, many songs, and a lot of big ideas. It seemed like the only path to take was to form a band and make a record with our favorite songs that we’d written. Thus, Hush Kids was born." -Hush Kids

They have launched a Pledge campaign to fund their debut album. Please, follow the link below and check out how you can help fund this amazing project!