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From haunting acoustic ballads to gritty rock and roll songs filled with swagger and attitude, Matthew Mayfield has spent the past decade releasing music that has changed the hearts and lives of his listeners. His latest LP, Gun Shy, is a collection of songs as varied as the emotions each of us feels. If his previous release, RECOIL, was the fruit of an intense effort by Mayfield to depict the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world he inhabited, Gun Shy is a look into all worlds – those full of darkness and hope. To connect with listeners and draw them into these worlds, Matthew created Inside the Song with Matthew Mayfield, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories behind the songs of Gun Shy -Mayfield’s most introspective and personal record to date. “Our Winds” speaks of true love and hope in the midst of pressure from external forces while “Broken Clocks” finds him accepting a relationship that is doomed to fall apart. The riffs and hooks found in “Gun Shy” and “Best of Me” show Mayfield as the rock and roller he is. While Mayfield is known for crafting both gripping ballads and eclectic rock songs, Gun Shy’s greatest triumph lies somewhere in between. “S.H.A.M.E.,”the album’s third track, touches on what is currently Mayfield’s deepest concern – a world full of people that feel as if they are alone. “Shame is something that no one wants to talk about, but we’re all ashamed of something. We all have demons and things that prevent us from seeing ourself-worth. The song is about connecting with people and letting them know they are not alone,” says Mayfield. “Connection is everything, and music has a unique way of helping people connect to others and to parts of themselves that they might otherwise be unable to access.” Gun Shy is now available on all digital platforms worldwide. Physical copies are available on



Press Highlights:

  • “If you're searching hard for living proof that traditional rock n' roll is not dead, then you have found the proper destination.”
    -Pure Grain Audio

  • “[Gun Shy] full of soaring anthems, powerful songwriting, and in Matthew Mayfield himself – one of the best vocals in Indie music today.
    -Ear To The Ground

  • Matthew Mayfield is a prolific genre-jumper whose emotive vocals deploy as much discord as they do beauty.
    -The Screaming Life

  • “With influences like Johnny Cash, Lemmy from Motorhead and Slash, Mayfield is known as an unpredictable artist, wanting to bring a dangerously honest element to his music.”
    -Ladue News

  • “Matthew Mayfield is one of those guys whose music I could listen to for hours without getting tired of it. Every song--it's just some of the purest, most genuine music out there.”
    -Variance Magazine

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