Hush Kids


“We should start a band.” Jill Andrews is nursing her newborn daughter on the couch in her dear friend and collaborator, Peter Groenwald’s, studio. It is September and still too hot outside. Peter is mixing a song they wrote, one of dozens that came together curiously, almost on its own when they sat down to write it. Peter looks at Jill, six-week-old baby on one side of her body and guitar slung and still singing a bit on the other. For Peter, a father himself, the timing is unexpected, but nearly everything about their partnership has been. He plays the song back and listens for a minute.

Hush Kids is a friendship with music. It began long before it had a name, when two beloved Nashville artists with impressive solo careers were put together by their publishers to write songs for other people; in time, they discovered they had been writing for themselves all along. Their earliest sessions revealed more than chemistry, they revealed kindredness, an innate understanding that allowed two very different people to write some of the most deeply personal music of their careers.

Incredible, instinctive vocal symmetry, captivating melodies, and intimate, intelligent lyrics speak to the years of tireless craftsmanship and well-earned successes by both artists respectively. A gifted composer, producer, and musician Peter has toured extensively and shared the stage with artists such as The Civil Wars, Andrew Belle, and John Mayer. Jill, a founding member of the alt/country favorite The Everybody fields, has performed alongside The Avett Brothers, Willie Nelson, and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and secured television placements that include Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, and Nashville. Hush Kids’s self-titled debut journeys across the unexpected, the strangeness of love rather than the sweetness, the beauty of the world rather than the bullshit. Guided by writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ian Fitchuk and joined by some of Nashville’s most sought-after musicians, the record pairs the effortless, addictive pop sensibility of The Carpenters with the dusty, atmospheric, desert landscape of Robert Plant and Allison’s Kraus’s Americana classic, “Raising Sand.” Despite the name, Hush Kids is not about quiet; it’s about stepping away from the wrong kind of noise to embrace the music.



Press Highlights:

  • “A gently building folk song that finds its foundation in the delicate interplay between the two artists’ vocals.”
    -American Songwriter

  • “The 10 tracks on Hush Kids, produced by Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves), showcase Andrews' and Groenwald's instinctive sense of singing together, both in unison and harmonies, as well as a flair for rich melodies and ambient spaciousness.”

  • “Hush Kids' Jill Andrews and Peter Groenwald offer a compelling case for the “you can never have enough of a good thing” argument. They each have captivatingly tender voices and, when taken in harmonic tandem, the whole is even greater than the sum of its two magnificent parts.”
    -Folk Alley

  • “Solo artists Jill Andrews and Peter Groenwald join forces on this tribute to new beginnings, renewed love and the optimistic rush of each new day.”
    -Rolling Stone

  • Knoxville Daily Times Feature




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