Our favorite Nashville venues and more!

By: Intern Olivia Wathne

Not only is Erin Anderson a strong and determined woman, she's a great teacher. The same goes for the day to day manager here, Meghan Conwell. As an intern, I was nervous that I would only be running errands and grabbing coffee all day, but the opposite is true here at Olivia Management. 

One of my duties as an intern is to check out some upcoming Americana, Country, and Indie musicians in Nashville. Some of the top places to find undiscovered and talented musicians are at 12th & Porter, 3rd and Lindsley, Exit/In, Mercy Lounge and many more that I have yet to find but will let you know about once I do. Some of our artists, The Secret Sisters and Jill Andrews, have performed at these venues.

12th & Porter

12th & Porter

This past Sunday 12th & Porter hosted a free concert and I had the pleasure of listening to Rayvon Pettis, Matt Haek, Don Gallardo and Rocky Bottom. All of the artists sang their original songs on their guitars (Rocky Bottom incorporated a harmonica and a bass drum which was very great). 

All of the venues mentioned above are awesome places to go find some hidden gem musicians and listen to high quality music at a cheaper price. Olivia Management knows the importance of smaller venues and we love supporting up and coming artists; we're actually on the look out for a new artist to manage!

My point is that Olivia Management sincerely cares about its artists. Our love of music and Nashville is what motivates us to provide our artists with the best management possible and create friendships that will last a life time. I can't wait to see who we discover next.