Top Tunes We're Listening To This Summer

By: Intern Olivia Wathne

Our cozy office is located above Grimey's & The Basement while our neighbors down the hall, WXNA, are a freeform community radio station. This makes our space a music lover's heaven. All of us here have high appreciation for Americana and Indie/Folk music but that's not all we jam out to in the office. Here is what we've been listening to this week:

Yada Yada

Olivia Management's assistant manager Meghan Conwell went to high school with the drummer of Yada Yada and she introduced us to this wonderful album just the other week. We have been listening ever since, especially to their song "Fossa", which has both an electric and mellow sound that we can't get enough of.  

The Staves

This British band, made up of three sisters, harmonizes sweetly in some songs and then sings guttural and heart-wrenching lyrics in others. Their music is raw and empowering. The Staves are currently on tour and will be in Nashville tonight, June 24, at the High Watt. Listen to this gem, "Teeth White", its great. 

The Secret Sisters

Of course we love our own artists. This week a lot of our duties have been focused on The Secret Sisters because they are currently on tour! At Olivia Management we believe that a main factor in successful artist management is a love and respect for our artist's music. The Secret Sisters' song, "Let There Be Lonely" from their album Put Your Needle Down is one of our favorites. This song really highlights the beauty and compatibility of Lydia and Laura's voices 

This is only a peak into our playlists at the office, which during the 2pm afternoon slumps usually include something from Beyonce's "Lemonade" and Chance the Rapper's "Coloring Book". Check out these incredible musicians, especially The Secret Sisters!

I'll be writing a new blog entry every Friday so keep an eye out for our weekly post!