What We Learned From Our Internship

Autumn Johnson


I find it’s easier to reflect on what you’ve learned at the very end of an internship rather than each day, because while every day is a new learning experience, I find that it’s much easier to look at the sum of all that I’ve learned over time. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned from Olivia Management.

  • A little affirmation goes a long way. Every Monday we write down on little pieces of paper what we appreciate about someone else in the room. We read them all out loud to each other, and they always give us a boost for the rest of the week. I always feel more motivated to work and improve my work when I know that someone notices and appreciates what I do. And taking the time to think about others also helps me better appreciate them.

  • Just like what you say reflects who you are, your social media is a reflection of who you are. This is important because when it comes to having an artist career, social media is a big part of getting yourself out there. The way you present yourself on social media is really important and understanding the way people will perceive what you post on social media, can help you better communicate who you are to your followers.

  • People still love a good story. People seem to become more attached to art that tells a story. When there’s more to a song than the surface level, people will stick around long enough to find out it is. Social media posts that tell a story are more likely keep people reading and sharing their thoughts. Stories can be resonated with and can make listeners feel less alone. The artists at OM do it well with their songs and the team at OM works hard to make sure those stories get heard by more people.

I am so grateful I got to intern at Olivia Management and have the opportunity to work in such a loving, supportive atmosphere. P.S. Thanks Rachel for the headshots!

Madeleine Kelson


These past few months at Olivia Management have been awesome. Literally. I am in awe of the amount and quality of work done by everyone here. I am even more impressed by the fact that they do it all without losing their minds, and on top of that have the time and patience to teach us. I have learned a ton. Here are just a few of the things I learned about artist management this summer.

  • Show Up

It seems simple and obvious, but it is so important. Whether it’s showing up to shows and events, or just showing up to work, people notice when you’re there, and they notice when you’re not. It’s how you get to know everyone, and how you show your artists that you care. 

  • Be a Good Communicator

Ask questions. Be direct. Tell people when something isn’t working, and tell them when they’ve done a good job. It doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend you have things under control when you don’t, or to tell someone a job is done when it isn’t. It only pushes your problem further down the line, and if anything, makes it into a bigger deal. On the other side of that, tell people when they’ve done a good job. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and it encourages people to work harder, and stay invested in the team.

  • Slow Down and Focus

Getting work done on time is important, but only if it’s done right. Details are so important. A dropped zero, or a misplaced period could cost your artist money. A little typo on a show date  can turn into a big mess. It’s better to work slowly and diligently, than quickly and carelessly.

The whole OM crew is incredible, and I am so sad to leave them. If you have a chance to work with them, intern for them, or just be in their brilliant, genius, magical presence, DO IT!!!! I feel lucky to have gotten to learn from them, and I will miss them all immensely. 

Kara Greskovic

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 4.51.16 PM.png

I have learned so much from my time here at Olivia Management. All of these women and my fellow interns have created an environment that is both fun and productive at the same time. In an industry that is so stressful, the Olivia Management gets tasks done with grace and taught us to do the same. Here are my top three things I learned at Olivia Management:

  • Take Initiative

If there’s an unassigned task that no one is tackling, take it! If there is something that needs to be done that no one else is doing, be the person that gets it done. Not only will this help out the company, but it will make yourself feel good as well.

  • Try New Things

This may seem like an obvious one, but always find new tasks or projects where you have to ask questions or explore something unfamiliar. Knowledge is power, and the only way to get that knowledge is to try something new.

  • Be Yourself

Although this may seem like an elementary school rule, but it is so important during your professional career. During an internship, it is easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect or acting a certain way to fit the mold of the company. Here at Olivia Management, everyone has their own personalities and their all fully embraced. The more I relaxed and became myself, the more I felt embraced here at my internship!

My time here at Olivia Management has been so valuable. They are some of the hardest working people I know! If your looking to work in artist management, I urge you to consider interning at Olivia Management. You won’t regret it!