My Favorite Lyric From Each OM Artist

All of the OM artists are not only amazing live performers, but also unparalleled songwriters. Since starting my internship here in May, I have been able to sift through most if not all of each artist’s discography (yes, even Derek Webb’s giant, unbelievable catalog). Being a songwriter myself, I listen for lyrics that either punch me in the face with personal relevance, or prove themselves to be the heart of the song they belong to. Here is the lyric in each OM artists’ songs that makes my jaw drop and eyes well up every time.

Jill Andrews - A Way to You Again (The War Inside)

“My face tells a story,

Blind by light,

Every moment i thought of you,

Written right there in my eyes.”

This is from the last song off of Jill’s newest record, and wow it’s a powerful one. The build-up of harmonies and instrumentation throughout the track is a staple element of a final track on an album. This line is in the second verse, and leads perfectly into the second chorus.

Matthew Mayfield - S.H.a.M.E. (Gun Shy)

“You're not the one who,

Is willing to push through,

And look at my face.

But I am the one who,

Is able to walk through,

And see what awaits.”

This lyric is from the last chorus, which is a variation of the chorus sung throughout the song. End variation choruses always seem to fulfill a song in the best way, and Matthew tied a beautiful, vulnerable bow onto the end of this brutally honest song.

Lydia Luce - More Than Heartbreak (Azalea)

“Everyone asks how I'm feeling

Like they own a piece of the truth.”

This is one of those “oooohhh” lyrics you know? The one where it immediately takes you to how you felt when you were going through something and dealing with the constant questions from people, and how your answer seemed to get more and more automated each time. Lydia hit every “feel” available with this one.

Hush Kids - All My Love (Hush Kids)

“When I wandered from your arms,

I was searching for something else,

Now I'm running back to you 'cause,

'Cause where you are is where I find myself.”

Ugh… Just ugh. Part of me wants to just leave it at that. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.

Ruthie Collins - All I Wanna Be (Get Drunk And Cry)

“But your heart's the heart, that mine

keeps begging for and

All I wanna be is yours.”

Beautifully simplistic, that’s what Ruthie does best on this track. The heart wants what it wants, and no matter how much our head can fight it, the heart wins in some way or another - might as well follow it.

Derek Webb - I Love/Hate You (Stockholm Syndrome)

“But your love is a noose around my neck,

I give up and I know I will regret it,

Your love is a weight around my legs,

But I don't know who I am unless you're holding me.”

This is one of my favorite choruses out of all of Derek’s discography because of the upfront and powerful analogy. Finding/retaining identity and independence in a relationship is so important, and this is a great example to show how easily it can be lost.

Jenn Grinels - Love Again (brokenHEARTbreaker)

“Oh, heart, please let go of this,

Nothing comes from bitterness,

And everyone says that the way you loved,

Is the only way to live.”

Some say the hardest part of getting your heart broken isn’t the grieving, it’s being able to love again. The only true way to love is wholeheartedly, and that’s exactly what Jenn is saying here.

Smooth Hound Smith - Crazy Over You (Smooth Hound Smith)

“Set me free or hunt me down,

With your guns, and your knives, and your bloodhounds,

My body shakes like a lonely child,

Won't you hold me for awhile?”

Zack and Caitlin paint such vivid pictures in their songs, and this is a prime example. My favorite part about this lyric is how raw and almost abrasive it is, and then it ends with “Won’t you hold me for awhile?” I love how these mood-contrasting lines mesh together so well.