What To Expect From an OM Internship

The past couple months at Olivia Management have been jam packed with good music, hard work, and great people. Here are ten things you can expect from an OM internship.

  • A friendly and motivating office environment

  • Learn how to effectively plan and promote a tour

  • Find out what goes into releasing great music

  • A photoshoot with a horse

  • Occasional dogs in the office

  • Become proficient in all of the programs (Airtable, Asana, Artist Growth, etc.)

  • Listen in on meetings with artists, and go to their shows

  • Make a tour poster, or a promo video

  • Learn how to effectively use social media

  • Be surrounded by some really smart, BOSS women

If you’re looking for an internship going on coffee runs and sorting file cabinets all day, look elsewhere! As an OM intern, you’ll have a hand in anything and everything you want to be a part of. Most of all, you’ll feel like a valuable part of an awesome team.