My Thoughts on “Dang Dallas”

By Debbie Undercoffer

Our very own artist, Ruthie Collins, recently released the single “Dang Dallas” and I am obsessed! She has such an angelic voice, and the simple melody really makes it stand out. On top of that, the lyrics really pull at your heart strings and gives you that nostalgic feeling. Anyone who is homesick, going through a break up or just feeling down, this is the song for you. It’ll hit all the feels and help you move on. I personally felt at peace while listening to this song, and knew that whatever was bothering me would get better in time and to just keep going. Check out “Dang Dallas” below and let us know what you think! Before you listen, put on your yoga pants, grab some tissues, a blanket and ice cream and get ready to let it out, girl.

“I wrote "Dang Dallas" about a year ago, by myself in my airstream. I wrote this song about regret, about not saying the things you feel in the moment when you are feeling them, and about the consequences of not putting yourself out there.” -Ruthie Collins

Want to hear more from Ruthie? Click the button below to listen to recent release “Joshua Tree”. You won’t regret it!