My favorite Indie/Folk Youtube Channels!

By: Emily McCreight

The internet was forever changed on Monday, February 14, 2005…a.k.a the day the internet domain for Youtube was activated. Ever since then I have been obsessed with any and all music videos, interviews, playlists, and sessions I could find of my favorite artists and bands. Here are a couple of my favorite indie/folk channels that I’ve found over the years!

Indie Folk Central

This channel is perfect for staying up-to-date with all new music coming out! Not only do they post a collection of new music each month, but they also upload weekly updates every Friday to ensure their subscribers are keeping up with new music coming out.

Folk Alley

If you’re looking for live sessions with the best of today’s contemporary and traditional folk, Americana and roots music then this is the perfect channel!

BONUS: Folk Alley premiered Hush Kids single, “Goodbye Rain” in September of 2018! Read the article HERE!

Indie Air

Put your hands IndieAir! This channel offers a huge variety of artists that will get you in your indie feels immediately. My personal favorites that have been featured on this channel are EDEN - Rock + Roll, Lauv - Getting Over You, and James Bay - Wild Love. What I love most about this channel is the sound wave that moves to the song when you play a video :)