Wise Words From Our Founder

Our CEO and Founder, Erin Anderson, was interviewed for the Music Biz Besties blog about tips for DIY artists! If you aren't hip to them yet, Music Biz Besties is a membership community for female musicians & industry professionals. They've recently brought back their blog series Bestie Chats, and Erin had a short conversation with them that might be interesting to you if you want some pointers on growing your career as an artist and eventually making a living off your craft. Click the button below for Erin's chat with Music Biz Besties!

This comes at a timely moment for us because we've just decided to start a bit of a series ourselves over here at Olivia Management. Every Wednesday, we'll be sharing some #WednesdayWisdom from different people in the industry - promoters, radio DJs, agents, friends and artists alike - because it's important for us to highlight the community here in Nashville and the awesome work that our friends are doing. Make sure to follow our Instagram page, so that you can catch our first #WednesdayWisdom post tomorrow!