Favorite Fan Covers - Matthew Perryman Jones

By: Nora McGonigle

A few weeks ago, Lea posted a blog with some of her favorite fan covers of The Secret Sisters' songs on YouTube. We decided to do the same thing for Matthew Perryman Jones this week. There are so many great covers from MPJ fans on YouTube, but here a few that stood out to me!

Katie Costello - Save You

The first cover I came across on YouTube is from artist and songwriter, Katie Costello. I love her version of the song with just her piano and amazing voice. Check out Katie's website here!


Lennon Stella - When It Falls Apart

We all know Lennon & Maisy from the hit TV show, Nashville. Watch this video from 2011 of Lennon Stella covering Matthew's "When It Falls Apart." Check out their website here and follow them on Instagram @lennonandmaisyofficial

The Fields - Can't Get It Right

I love this duo's version of "Can't Get It Right." Their voices go great together and they have a few other covers on their YouTube channel. Check them out

Jordan H - Save You

Jordan made "Save You" his own by getting creative and looping in several different instruments in this video. Check out his YouTube channel for more here!