My Semester at Olivia Management

By: Josh Snyder

This semester, I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern at Olivia Management. Time has flown by, as I can't believe that I am sitting here writing my final blog post about my time with this special company. I have learned so much about marketing specifically in the music industry and how the industry works as a whole. I have learned skills during this internship that I will be able to carry with me no matter what career path I find myself going down. It is impossible to share everything that I have learned, so I will share my biggest takeaways from this experience.

1. Find something that I'm passionate about and go after it!

This is a saying that I have heard countless times in my life, but after interning at Olivia Management, this statement could not be more true. It is so evident that Erin has found her passion and I have so enjoyed being a small part of the amazing company she has created. Going forward, I want to make sure that I find myself doing something that I am passionate about because it is much more fun to be a part of something that I truly believe in.

2. Affirmations go a long way

Each week at our staff meetings, our team shared affirmations with each other to encourage one another and to celebrate the accomplishments that we made in the previous week. I believe that this practice should be applied to everyday life. Celebrate accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be. We should always find a reason to pick each other up, plus it's a small step in making the world a happier place.

3. Push your co-workers and allow them to push you back

This internship has exposed me to a variety of new things, one of which being these blog writings. It has been neat for me to see how my blogs have improved over the semester. I have been pushed to do things outside of my original comfort zone and I have only benefitted from it. No matter what role we find ourselves in throughout life, I think it is important to find somebody that will push you because it ends up bringing out your best. Maggie, thank you for trusting me with tasks that I had to just figure out!

Words can't begin to express my gratitude to Erin and Maggie for believing in me and trusting me to be a part of this company. Olivia Management works with top notch artists and it has been a privilege to work alongside them to promote their unique and beautiful work!