John Prine New Album: 'Tree of Forgiveness'

By: Josh Snyder


John Prine is easily one of the most respected songwriters/artists in the Americana genre, let alone all of music combined. Since 1971, Prine has written hit after hit about daily life, current events, and of course, love. For the first time in 10 years, Prine has released a new album containing all original tracks. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the album titled 'Tree of Forgiveness' is "very good, frequently brilliant, with all the qualities that define Prine's music". The album features background vocals from other Americana stars such as Brandi Carlile and Jason Isbell. While Prine's age shows in his vocals, one thing that helps set this album apart is Prine's brilliance of songwriting that is just as strong as it was when he started out back in 1971.

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