Consulting Client Spotlight

As some of you may know, we have an increasing list of awesome and dedicated consulting clients that are constantly seeking out the best ways to grow themselves and share their music. We're going to highlight a few that have been kicking it into high gear lately - check them out!

Kate Kelly

With a flair for jazz styles and a voice that's smooth like honey, Kate Kelly's album is one that we can hardly wait for. We'll have to, though, as her Indiegogo campaign is now underway; she's offering special packages for fans to support her first full-length album. Kind as can be, Kate Kelly spends most of her time at the hospital where she works as a music therapist when she's not writing or recording. Read up on her journey here and check out her Indiegogo page below! 

Danielle Cormier

Danielle has been hard at work on her first full-length album Fire and Ice, and finally the anticipation is over! Her record was released this past Friday! We're proud of Danielle's determination and work ethic, and really dig her strong vocals - we think you will too. If you like pop, folk and singer songwriters, check out Danielle's new music here. Fun fact: She also got Peter Frampton involved in the record - he performs on the single "Can't Quit You." Watch Danielle's music video for the title track of her new album below. 

Michelle LeBlanc

Whenever Michelle walks into our office, I am instantly happier. She has an infectiously bright personality, and is a lady Jack of all trades (Jackie of all trades?), even encompassing her love for Tarot Card reading into her recently completed Kickstarter campaign. She released her new EP, A Man Like You, on March 2nd, and we're loving it. Read more about her lovely gypsy soul here and check out the album below. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 5.46.10 PM.png

Merritt Gibson

With two singles already out, and a release date set for March 30th, Merritt's debut album, Eyes On Us, is just around the corner. Just a freshman in college, Merritt is already killing the game when it comes to learning what it takes to have a career in music. Not only does Merritt have drive, but she also has a realistic sense of the work ethic necessary to accomplish her dreams, but don't take my word for it, check out what East of 8th has to say in their article about Merritt's single "Eyes On Us" here

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