Olivia Management Top 5

by Sarah Tully

All of our artists have unique and beautiful music. They all remind me daily why I fell in love with music in the first place. I thought I’d take the time to share my favorite songs by our artists!

First up is “Blue Eyes” by Jill Andrews. Jill’s vocals seem to float just above the music, and the song, written for her son, conveys every ounce of unconditional love a mother has for their child. This song is especially important to me because people always tell me how much I look like my mother, which she and I think is solely because I have her blue eyes. This is one of Jill’s older songs, coming from her 2011 album The Mirror, and the song is truly timeless.

Second is “Careless Man” by Matthew Perryman Jones. This is a much more recent song, released just a couple months ago as a single, leading up to his latest album The Waking Hours, released 9/21. The lyrics tell the story of a man struggling with how much he loves a person, which is a beautiful thing to me.

The third song on the list is “Wake Up” by Hush Kids. The song speaks to the state of the world and how one might feel lost in it all. The soft melody only enhances the power of the message, the idea of wanting to wake up and find out that all of the bad things aren’t so bad. It’s beautiful and incredibly timely, released October 26th on their debut self-titled album.

The fourth on the list is “Azalea” by Lydia Luce, from her debut album Azalea released a few months ago. A hypnotizing blend of Americana song writing with the flare of some electric rock guitars, “Azalea” is sure to give you all the feels, in all the best way!

Last, but absolutely not least, is “Save You” by Matthew Perryman Jones. If you’re listening and suddenly get images of Pretty Little Liars or Grey’s Anatomy don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. The song has been featured in both shows along with other MPJ tunes. The song is a classic love ballad and Matthew’s vocals bring it to heartbreaking heights. Easily a classic, “Save You” is a go-to on any day you need a ballad.