Transatlantic Sessions: The History


The Secret Sisters will be playing eight shows across the United Kingdom as part of this year's Transatlantic Sessions Tour. In honor of this short European tour, I thought it would be fun to research the history of the Transatlantic Sessions, and share my findings below.  

The sessions are a series of musical productions.

These productions are mostly collaborations, bringing together the folk music powerhouses from North America, Scotland, England, and Ireland.

Each performance is recorded as part of a special television series.

Directed by Mike Alexander and produced by Douglas Eadie, the live performances are recorded for television and air on PBS (domestically) and BBC (internationally). 

Historically, there have been six series recorded.

The sessions began in 1995, and the most recent was recorded in 2013. Because of the success of the television series, in 2017 the producers chose to turn to live shows and created the Transatlantic Sessions Tour, which is what The Secret Sisters will be apart of. 

The 2018 UK Transatlantic Sessions Tour follows the success of the Transatlantic Sessions April 2017 US Tour.

In April of 2017, artists long associated with the Transatlantic Sessions toured in a live series across the US. The small run of shows was so successful and memorable, that they decided to continue this year in the United Kingdom.

Olivia Management is so excited that The Secret Sisters have the opportunity to be apart of this year's Transatlantic Sessions Tour.
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