WMOT Roots Radio Americanafest 2017 Review

By Madeline Heiskall

While looking at reviews of Americanafest 2017, I stumbled upon this article, an insider's account of the weeks festivities, by Craig Havighurst at WMOT Roots Radio. The article quotes,

"The moment at AMA I loved the most was the Secret Sisters sitting in with Lee Ann Womack after Music City Roots. It's like time stood still, the whole room became quiet and their beautiful voices filled the air with "Davey White." I also loved that they chose to sing one of Lee-Ann Womack's songs with Lee Ann Womack. #Killedit - Ashleejean Trott, Music City Roots"

Read the full article here:

Watch a live fan video of The Secret Sisters, performing at the WMOT Yee Haw Tent at AmericanaFest 2017!