Spotify Time Capsule

By Madeline Heiskell


Did anyone notice an email from Spotify last week talking about your time capsule playlist? I didn't even look at the email until I saw a few articles about it online. After I read about it, I went back to the playlist and was pretty impressed with the accuracy of my time capsule (Maybe just because I'm known to still listen to some good ol' Hilary Duff every now and then.)  Basically, the playlist anticipates and collects songs Spotify thinks you were listening to 10 years ago based on what you've played in the app. If you are a Spotify listener, go dig through your email and find your time capsule playlist! Or click this link and log into your account. It's worth a listen.


And while you are there, visit our artist's spotify channels! Maybe in 10 years, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jill Andrews, and The Secret Sisters will be on your time capsule playlist!