Ryman Hatch Show Prints

By Madeline Heiskell

Screenshot (34).png

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of selling merch for The Secret Sisters at their show at the Ryman where they opened for Jason Isbell. While selling, I noticed a bunch of people brought their own poster tubes and said they collected Hatch Show Posters. I learned that Hatch show posters are something a lot of fans/Ryman goers collect. Last night, there were only 174 posters printed for the first night of Jason Isbell's 6 night run at the Ryman.  All 174 posters sold out within 45 minutes. It was crazy! Plus, they have a different poster for each night Jason is playing, which makes them even more collectible. These posters are truly fascinating and definitely worth the long merch line to get your hands on one! To read more about the history of Hatch Show Prints, or view the gallery, click below! 

And if you are a poster collector, take a look at The Secret Sisters website! We have two awesome posters for sale both designed by the incredible team at Friendly Arctic. One of the posters actually benefits hurricane relief efforts! Take a look!