When Two Worlds Meet

By: Megan Jones

Left to right: The Secret Sisters (Lydia & Laura Rogers), Dan Layus, and on-air host Dan Buckley.

Left to right: The Secret Sisters (Lydia & Laura Rogers), Dan Layus, and on-air host Dan Buckley.

Knowing how different facets of the music industry meet and why they do so is extremely important when observing and understanding the music business as a whole. Thursday, October 20th, Olivia Management and our beloved Secret Sisters did a live show at Lightning 100 with Dan Layus (from Augustana) and on-air host Dan Buckley. Later the same day they recorded a few solo tunes for another on-air host, Steve Lee ("The Early Birds with Mr. Steve"). Since I have a background in radio, it is super cool and eye-opening to see artist relations from the perspective of an artist manager. Being on a new and different side of the music industry as an intern at OM, I can now link radio and artist management together through this one occurrence in Music City.

When I was in radio, I saw a bunch of artists come in to do shows, but I never really knew how it happened. Now in management, I understand that it is a two-way street. The manager (or the artist if they are independent) and the radio station communicate back and forth to see if both parties would benefit from doing a show on the air. For the artist, being on the radio is super beneficial because it targets a specific area and a certain audience. They can promote a show that they have in that region, play a new song that gives the audience a sneak peek of their new album, and simply introduce themselves to a new and growing fan base. For the radio station, they are gaining more content, making further connections, and boosting their number of listeners through the artist's fans. What an exciting and informative field trip this was! 

Here is a video of The Secret Sisters with Dan Layus on Lightning 100! Also, tune in Thursday morning, October 27th, for their solo performance during "The Early Birds with Mr. Steve" at 7:00am!